Some local activists have been touting Robert “Bob” Nichols as the “tea party backed” judicial candidate. Really? Is this the same guy who spent Friday keeping convicted corrupt politician Sylvia Poitier out of jail?

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports the following:

“This wasn’t her first brush with the law. In January, Poitier was sentenced to one year of probation, 200 hours of community service and a $1,000 fine for falsifying Deerfield Beach city records. A jury found Poitier guilty of failing to disclose a potential conflict of interest she had in supporting a grant for a city business association that owed money to her brother.

Poitier, owner of Deerfield Cleaners and Laundry, was found responsible in 2009 for 14 violations of environmental law related to hazardous waste.

Poitier’s report on the chemicals was due in May 2011. Her defense attorney, Robert Gary Nichols of Fort Lauderdale, said she submitted it, but that it was incomplete. He said there had been a misunderstanding.”

Funny, since when did the Tea Party become big Sylvia Poitier advocates? Must be a “misunderstanding”. Chaz Stevens’ head will surely explode.

Nichols is running against Olga Levine and Richard Sachs for Broward County Judge Group 5.