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Broward Judges Earn Peanuts From Consultant’s Campaign Spam

It seems the buzz surrounding Dan Lewis’ campaign emails isn’t the bees knees for Broward Judges and judicial candidates. When factoring in the cost of Lewis’ emails, only one Judge actually raised money for their campaign. Another Judge and a judicial candidate actually lost money.

  According to campaign financial records, in the month following an October 11th Lewis email blast, Broward County Circuit Court Judge Hope Tieman-Bristol raised $2,100. Lewis’ Strategic Technologies and Research company charged Tieman-Bristol $1,789.94 for the emails. The Judge came out ahead by $310.06 for the month. Hardly stellar numbers for a supposed email maestro.

  Broward Judge John “Jay” Hurley did worse. Dan Lewis launched the Hurley spam-blast on November 5th. As REDBROWARD previously reported, the Hurley emails failed to mention he was running in Broward County. Hurley paid $1,607.86 to Lewis’ JNAC Communications and Management Services LLC. The Hurley email brought in $1,600 in contributions. Hurley lost $7.86 by using JNAC. 

  Also stuck in the Lewis honey pot was judicial  candidate Rhoda Sokoloff. Sokoloff paid JNAC $1,764.60 for her email blast. It wasn’t money well spent. The email brought in just $1,300. Sokoloff ended up $464.60 in the red.

To date, Sokoloff has raised $6,500 for her County Court race. She has paid $4,264.60 to Dan Lewis.

That must sting!

Judicial Candidates Speak Before Broward GOP Meeting

On Monday, Broward candidates involved in November runoff elections stopped by to speak before the start of the Broward Republican Executive Committee meeting. Hundreds of Republican activists heard from judicial candidates Julio Gonzalez (Salami), Robert “Bob” Nichols (Baloney), and Bill Gelin’s favorite Judge Robert “Bob” Diaz. Also on hand, Broward School Board District 4 candidate Abby Freedman. Mrs. Freedman stayed for the whole meeting chatting up some of Broward’s more colorful tea party characters.