Democrat Consultant Dan Lewis Pockets $10K From Broward Sheriff Candidate

James Fondo, left, is endorsed by former Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti
James Fondo, left, is endorsed by former Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti

Forget the shady political committees, Broward Sheriff candidate James Fondo paid $10,000 to a company owned by Democrat consultant Dan Lewis. State records show Lewis owns JNAC Communications & Managment, a Fort Lauderdale corporation. Fondo paid Lewis twice during the month of April. Fondo filed his paperwork challenging Broward Sheriff Scott Israel on April 7th.

On April 9, 2016, Fondo paid $5,000 to Lewis for “targeted email select hygiene & rental.” Hygiene? Perhaps Fondo wants all the hygiene know-how Lewis picked up while trying to secure million dollar contracts from Broward Health?

As for emails, REDBROWARD exposed the ineffectiveness of Lewis’ long, wordy emails when it comes to raising funds.

On April 19th, Fondo paid another $5,000 to Lewis’ company for “website development.” Lewis knows all about websites. As REDBROWARD reported, Lewis has used his Broward Health websites to attack Dr El-Sanadi, CEO of Broward Health, after his million dollar contract was cancelled.

Last month, REDBROWARD reported Lewis’ ties to the Israel-bashing political committee called Citizens Over Public Safety (COPS). Records show Dan Lewis purchased the website domain for COPS in February. The domains include and

According to Broward Supervisor of Elections records, COPS was formed on February 24, 2016 by Dr Michael J. Cohen and accountant Jack Milberry.  COPS mailing address is 2800 W. State Road 84, Suite 105 in Fort Lauderdale. This is the offices of Milberry & Kesselman CPA, LLC.

According to Broward Supervisor of Elections records, James Fondo signed his paperwork for the Broward Sheriff’s race on March 16, 2016. He listed Jack Milberry as his campaign treasurer using the Milberry & Kesselman CPA, LLC address.

Insiders say other Dan Lewis clients are feeling the heat after REDBROWARD exposed his role in Fondo’s campaign. Lewis’ other main client in former Broward Democrat Party chairman Mitch Ceasar. Lewis is the main consultant for Ceasar’s campaign for Broward County Clerk of Courts.  Records show Lewis’ companies have been paid nearly $11,000 by the Ceasar campaign.

Lewis’ other clients include judicial candidates Rhoda Sokoloff and Doreen Turner Inkeles.

These candidates were feeling the heat when Lewis was rumored to be working for the COPS committee. What happens now when they learn Lewis is openly on the Fondo campaign payroll?


Broward Judges Earn Peanuts From Consultant’s Campaign Spam

It seems the buzz surrounding Dan Lewis’ campaign emails isn’t the bees knees for Broward Judges and judicial candidates. When factoring in the cost of Lewis’ emails, only one Judge actually raised money for their campaign. Another Judge and a judicial candidate actually lost money.

  According to campaign financial records, in the month following an October 11th Lewis email blast, Broward County Circuit Court Judge Hope Tieman-Bristol raised $2,100. Lewis’ Strategic Technologies and Research company charged Tieman-Bristol $1,789.94 for the emails. The Judge came out ahead by $310.06 for the month. Hardly stellar numbers for a supposed email maestro.

  Broward Judge John “Jay” Hurley did worse. Dan Lewis launched the Hurley spam-blast on November 5th. As REDBROWARD previously reported, the Hurley emails failed to mention he was running in Broward County. Hurley paid $1,607.86 to Lewis’ JNAC Communications and Management Services LLC. The Hurley email brought in $1,600 in contributions. Hurley lost $7.86 by using JNAC. 

  Also stuck in the Lewis honey pot was judicial  candidate Rhoda Sokoloff. Sokoloff paid JNAC $1,764.60 for her email blast. It wasn’t money well spent. The email brought in just $1,300. Sokoloff ended up $464.60 in the red.

To date, Sokoloff has raised $6,500 for her County Court race. She has paid $4,264.60 to Dan Lewis.

That must sting!