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Marlon Bolton, Mrs. Elberg Mike Gelin Handing Out Bogus, Copycat Union Card To Tamarac Voters

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton was spotted passing out a bogus, copycat union card to voters at the Tamarac Library on Tuesday. One eagle-eyed resident snapped a photograph of Mrs. Elberg Mike Gelin passing out the same bogus card. The card looks similar to the Metro-Broward EMS union card endorsing Gelin’s opponent, Mayor Michelle Gomez.

Mrs Elberg Mike Gelin Holding Bogus Card

The genuine Metro EMS card endorsed Michelle Gomez, Commission candidate John Lanouette and Commission candidate Carol Mendelson. The card states these three candidates, “understand the need to keep the funding of public safety a priority.” The red and yellow card features a photograph of firefighters in action.

The real EMS Union card

The bogus card uses the same red and yellow colors, fonts and format. It features a photograph of a man wearing a t-shirt with a union type insignia. But instead of endorsing Gomez, Lanouette and Mendelson, the card urges voters to not support them. The card makes a laughable attempt to tie them to former President Donald Trump.

Why does Marlon Bolton want to fool Tamarac Democrats?

The fake card.