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Marlon Bolton, Mrs. Elberg Mike Gelin Handing Out Bogus, Copycat Union Card To Tamarac Voters

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton was spotted passing out a bogus, copycat union card to voters at the Tamarac Library on Tuesday. One eagle-eyed resident snapped a photograph of Mrs. Elberg Mike Gelin passing out the same bogus card. The card looks similar to the Metro-Broward EMS union card endorsing Gelin’s opponent, Mayor Michelle Gomez.

Mrs Elberg Mike Gelin Holding Bogus Card

The genuine Metro EMS card endorsed Michelle Gomez, Commission candidate John Lanouette and Commission candidate Carol Mendelson. The card states these three candidates, “understand the need to keep the funding of public safety a priority.” The red and yellow card features a photograph of firefighters in action.

The real EMS Union card

The bogus card uses the same red and yellow colors, fonts and format. It features a photograph of a man wearing a t-shirt with a union type insignia. But instead of endorsing Gomez, Lanouette and Mendelson, the card urges voters to not support them. The card makes a laughable attempt to tie them to former President Donald Trump.

Why does Marlon Bolton want to fool Tamarac Democrats?

The fake card.

Unions Want Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony To Rehire Exonerated Deputy

Four local unions are demanding Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony rehire exonerated BSO Deputy Christopher Krickovich. Last week, a Broward County jury found Krickovich not guilty on a battery charge surrounding the April 2019 arrest of Delucca Rolle in Tamarac. On Sunday, the International Union of Police Associations (I.U.P.A.) Local 6020, the Federation of Public Employees (FOPE), International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 4321, and the Fraternal Order of Police- Broward Sheriff’s Lodge (FOP), called on Tony to give Krickovich due process.

In addition to the jury verdict, an internal review showed Krickovich did not violate any BSO policy governing excessive use of force. Despite these findings, Tony refused to reinstate Krickovich.

“The Broward Sheriff’s Office maintains an unwavering commitment to holding all employees accountable. Under my administration we will never be an organization that finds excessive force tolerable. That standard has been set at the Broward Sheriff’s Office and will not change. Independent criminal investigations or convictions of former employees do not supersede BSO’s administrative policies, standards, or expectations.”

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony July 25, 2022

On Sunday, the unions responded to Tony:

The evidence and circumstances surrounding Christopher Krickovich’s incident are overwhelming that he has committed no wrong doing of the law or BSO’s Use of Force policy. The PSC after reviewing the Internal Affairs report and BSO’s Training Division concluded that there was no violation of BSO’s Use of Force policy or the law. A jury comprised of the citizens of Broward County, that make up the very community which we protect and serve have come to the same conclusion of the PSC and BSO’s Training Division and delivered a verdict of not guilty for Christopher Krickovich.
Sheriff Tony, on behalf of the I.U.P.A. Local 6020, FOPE, IAFF Local 4321, and the FOP Broward Sheriff’s Lodge, based on everything considered we respectfully ask that you honor due process for all employees and reinstate Christopher Krickovich to the position of Deputy Sheriff immediately

—IUPA letter July 31, 2022