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Aide To Broward Mayor Steve Geller Used Debbie Wasserman-Schultz To Secure $10K From Local Attorney

Bina Fink, an aide to Broward Mayor Steve Geller, used Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to secure a loan from a local attorney, court records show. In September 2017, Russell Thompson sued Bina Fink in Broward County Court over her failure to repay a 2016 loan in the amount of $9,981 loan to Thompson. According to the complaint, Fink told Thompson she needed a temporary loan to pay for travel expenses.

Bina Fink told Thompson she was due $10,000 for work she performed for the Democratic National Committee. The complaint states, “[Fink] said she would be receiving a check from Debbie Wasserman Schultz as payment.” Then, Bina Fink “called Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the presence of [Thompson] to confirm she would be receiving her payment.”

Thompson gave Fink the loan. In return, Fink gave Thompson a check in the same amount which he could cash the following week. When Thompson attempted to deposit check, Fink told him she did not have the money.

Two months after filing the lawsuit, Fink agreed to repay the loan over the next ten months.

Did Bina Fink really get Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on the phone to discuss a $10,000? Unfortunately, Russell Thompson died suddenly in December 2018. But published reports and numerous selfies on Facebook appear to show a close relationship between Wasserman-Schultz and Fink.

In 2016, Bina Fink defended Wasserman-Schultz from attacks by Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention. “The party is going to realize that they’re losing somebody amazing,” Fink told NPR. “There’s really good people, but nobody like Debbie.”


In July 2016, REDBROWARD warned Russell Thompson about Bina Fink’s increased role in his judicial campaign.

At the time, REDBROWARD contacted “Hollywood TV” a clickbait website dedicated to covering red carpet events for the movie and music industries. Fink repeatedly took photographs at events while holding a microphone emblazoned with “Hollywood TV.” We were unable to find any official Hollywood TV photographs or video taken by Fink. In an email to REDBROWARD, a representative stated Fink was not an employee of the outlet.

REDBROWARD confronted Fink at a Broward Republican Party meeting about her actual media/publicist credentials. Fink denied knowledge of multiple lawsuits accusing her of fraud.

Fink appears to have done little more than snap selfies with politicians at local Democrat and Republican events.

Yet, Bina Fink parlayed these shameless selfies into a paid gig as “Hispanic outreach” aide to Broward Mayor Steve Geller.


Bina Fink made local headlines last week when the Sun-Sentinel revealed she was the subject of a criminal investigation. Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) investigators were looking into Fink’s relationship with Carole Porter, a recently widowed freelance journalist. While Fink snapped blurry selfies at political events, Porter is a well-known for taking high quality photographs at these same events.

According to the Sun-Sentinel:

The widow, Carol Porter, claims Fink persuaded her to hire a new money manager, a new accountant and an attorney Fink recommended. In a written statement submitted to police last July, Porter says she transferred $798,948 to the money manager Fink lined up. When she eventually grew suspicious and tried to transfer the money back, she discovered thousands of dollars missing, she said.

Porter claims she had given Fink part of the missing funds — $82,500 — to pay the new lawyer, much of it through checks made out to “cash.”

Surely, Mayor Steve Geller came to rescue of elderly widowed, right?


Despite knowing BSO investigators subpoenaed his aide’s financial records, Steve Geller heaped praise on Fink.

Geller, a lawyer/lobbyist told the Sun-Sentinel, ““If Bina were to be convicted of a crime, obviously I would have a completely different view. I might have a different view if there was a finding of probable cause. But I’d have to review the indictment.”

Way to go Steve Geller. Not even a “I’ll ask her some tough questions” line of defense. Nope. Geller won’t even bother to ask questions until he has a chance to review an indictment. A real profile in courage.

Former Broward Democrat Party Chairman Mitch Ceasar is no better. “I just know her from Democratic meetings, Democratic activism,” he said. “She was very good at publicizing events and was very helpful that way, in putting out to the community different things that were happening.”

Taking selfies means you are “very good at publicizing events?!?” Shame on you Mitch.

Hopefully, BSO investigators don’t fall into same trap as Thompson and Porter. Bina Fink’s selfie collection does not mean she wields any real influence or power with politicians.

Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar Launches New App To Protect Owners From Title Fraud

Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kiar launched a new app to keep owners from becoming victims of title fraud. The free “Owner Alert” service was created in-house by Property Appraiser Office staff. Mr. Kiar sat down with REDBROWARD to explain how the new alert system works.

To sign up for protection visit www.bcpa.net

Think Union Dues Don’t Fund Political Shenanigans In Broward?

Yesterday, we reported on the Democrat full court press to stop SB 830 in the Florida Senate. The bill would end automatic paycheck deduction of union dues; The individual union member would decide whether or not to pay dues. More importantly, to Democrat electoral machinery, SB830 would not allow union dues to be used in political activity.

Back in March, the Fort Lauderdale Fraternal Order of Police produced a video calling for the defeat of SB 830.

No problem. RED BROWARD, along with most Floridians, believes FOP members deserve every dime they can get; In fact, if an FOP member can better use money marked for dues then they should be able to keep it. Wouldn’t it be better to use that money in Broward’s economy instead of some political campaign?

When Buddy Nevins’ BROWARDBEAT.COM wrote about the video, local political doyenne

Judith Stern and Scott Israel

Judy Stern felt compelled to chime in on the issue. Following a few personal cheap shots at Rep. George Moraitis, Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, and Nevins’ own son, Stern got to the point:

It does not pay union dues (City of Ft Laud. Ordinance prohibits them from contributions to city elected officials campaign accounts, so why deny them the right to charitable contributions thru the ease of payroll deductions? Respectfully submitted, judy Stern

Even if Fort Lauderdale bans contributions to elected officials accounts, does that mean no union dues are used to support political campaigns? Is Stern right when she claims it’s all about “charitable contributions”? Perhaps she doth protest too much?

Sources tell RED BROWARD the Fort Lauderdale ordinance does not ban union contributions to Electioneering Communications Organizations (ECO). Another sources pointed to another Nevins’ article which claims that in 2008, Judy Stern and Scott Rothstein were highly involved in the Common Sense Coalition ECO.

Political consultant Roger Stone says disgraced lawyer Scott Rothstein ‘regularly’ broke state campaign laws by ordering employees to give campaign contributions and then reimbursing them.

His prime evidence – the contentious 2008 race between incumbent Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti and Democratic challenger Scott Israel.

Stone’s proof:

* RRA co-founder Stuart Rosenfeldt contributed $90,000 to The Common Sense Coalition on October 15, 2008. The Coalition financial report is here.

‘It’s clear from campaign finance reports that The Common Sense Coalition was run by Israel’s campaign’ Stone says. ‘The first contribution to the Coalition came from Israel campaign manager Judith Stern on March 7, 2008. Stern would eventually contribute $6,000 to the ECO, which would later pay her $4,000 on December 18, 2008.’

The Coalition’s chair is Todd Wilder, a Tallahassee political consultant who worked for Ken Jenne at the sheriff’s department. Jenne worked at RRA.

* Another donor to the Coalition is SJM Consulting Group, LLC, which contributed $70,000 on October 24, 2008. SJM filed for business with the state of Florida on April 11, 2008, with David Boden as its registered agent and manager.

Boden served as RRA’s general counsel.


The Florida Division of Elections website confirms Stern’s contribution:


The website confirms the expenditures as well:

Stern was not the only one to contribute to Common Sense Coalition. In February 2009, Brittany Wallman of the Sun-Sentinel wrote about nasty attack mailers in a Fort Lauderdale City Commission race.

Fort Lauderdale has strict rules governing political contributions. No political action committees, companies or corporations may give money to a candidate. Individuals may give only $250. And they must file periodic reports telling the public who gave, and how much. But the city’s law does not apply to independent groups like Oster’s, which can receive limitless sums of money to influence voters.

Wallman reported two ECOs were involved with the mailers: “Integrity Counts Committee” and “Common Sense Coalition”. Guess who gave money to “Common Sense Coalition”?

The Common Sense Coalition didn’t attack Teel, but did tell voters that Roberts(Teel’s opponent) is committed to public safety. Fraternal Order of Police Union President Jack Lokeinsky is quoted on the piece. He said the union contributed to that group but had no part in Oster’s attack ads.
Roberts, who is in the hospital with a malady he refuses to reveal, was not involved in the attacks, said his campaign manager, Mark Ketcham.

Teel said she suspects developers who are angry over her votes might have paid for the attacks. She’s called for reduced retirement benefits for new police officers, and said she was warned she’d be savaged over it.”


Who won that race? Yep, Bruce Roberts.

No wonder they don’t want Tallahassee to change the rules. Call your state Senator. Tell Ellyn Bogdanoff you will support her no matter what names Judy Stern calls her.(FYI, Stern’s daughter Barbara Stern was Moraitis’ opponent in 2010; sources say the Sterns will challenge him again in 2012)

George Moraitis