Why Is A Republican Judicial Candidate Paying Judy Stern, Chris Smith’s Mom & Joe Eggelletion’s Brother?

Broward Republicans wonder why tea party favorite Julio Gonzalez, Broward Circuit Court (Circuit 17 Group 45), is paying well-connected Democrats like Judy Stern, uber-lobbyist and salami sandwich doyenne, Helen Hinton, mother of Fl State Senator Chris Smith and Andre Eggelletion, brother of disgraced Broward Commissioner Joe Eggelletion. Florida Division of Elections records show multiple payments […]

Did Scott Israel Know About Robocall Smears Before Calls Made?

Robocalls attempting to hurt Sheriff Al Lamberti started going out this week to voters in Broward County. On Sunday in a Twitter conservation, Lamberti’s opponent Scott Israel (D-Republican) made mention of the “South Florida Tea Party” endorsement. How did Scott know? Most Republicans and conservatives in Broward know that “South Florida Tea Party” is a […]

Happy Columbus Day Broward Style

Join Broward’s elite as they celebrate Columbus Day in style. Über lobbyist and salami sandwich doyenne Judy Stern is hosting a “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” marathon complete with salami sandwiches. FL State Rep Joe Gibbons (D-Carpetbagger) is bringing Jacksonville’s finest delicacies. Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) and the CLUB RED dancers will add a touch […]