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“Drag Queen Christmas” Protest Set Monday Evening In Fort Lauderdale

Local groups plan to protest a “family friendly” performance of a “Drag Queen Christmas” at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale. The drag show made national headlines last week when clips of decidedly not-family-friendly of the show were posted on social media. The protest begins at 6PM.

VIDEO: Protestors Attack Miami Police With Skateboards In Downtown Miami

Video posted on Twitter shows protestors attacking Miami Police officers with skateboards as they responded to vandalism of statues at Bayside on Wednesday. The video begins with an unmarked police vehicle being blocked by several protestors. Suddenly, two individuals attempt to break the windshield with skateboards. As Police officers exit the vehicle to apprehend them, they are swarmed by protestors. At one point, one protestor uses a skateboard to hit several officers on the ground.

The video was allegedly streamed on Facebook by activist Jahdiel Murray. He has removed the video from Facebook. Murray is a proponent of the “Defund The Police” movement.

video by @lizcabrera55