Who Is “Rypert Ditworth?”

In numerous stories detailing his 2007 arrest on attempted first degree murder charges in California, Rupert Tarsey has been vague about his move to Broward County. The Daily Mail UK reported, “Tarsey started using his mother’s maiden name when he moved to Florida two years after the assault.” The Sunshine State News reported, “beginning May 4, […]

Broward Republican Party Secretary Rupert Tarsey Claims Claw Hammer Attack On Female Student Was “Self-Defense”

CHAPTER ONE: THE CRIME In a stunning email to members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC), party secretary Rupert Tarsey claims he faced attempted first degree murder charges after he beat a female classmate forty times with a claw hammer in “self-defense.” According to court records and published reports from 2007, Tarsey was charged […]