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Sun-Sentinel Fails To Identify “Parent” As Broward Young Democrat President In Article Bashing Governor Ron DeSantis Over School Mask Mandates

It is no surprise that Monday morning visit to Fort Lauderdale by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis triggered yet another negative article from The South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The report blasted DeSantis for defending kids returning to school across Florida despite the prevalence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. “Kids need to be in school,” DeSantis said.

While Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature outlawed mask mandates late last year, the Broward School Board voted on Friday to require visitors and vendors to wear face masks. The Sun-Sentinel report includes quotes from Broward parents who sent their children to school on Monday. One parent was Nancy Fry of Coconut Creek.

“‘I sent my kids today, but with KN95 masks,’ said Nancy Fry, whose two children attend Tradewinds Elementary in Coconut Creek. ‘However, drop-off was not nearly as crowded as usual for that time. I’m unsure if it’s people just being off schedule or staying home, but it was noticeable.’”

The Sun-Sentinel uses Fry to signal to readers that parents can still send kids to school wearing masks. Also, Fry’s quote hints that parents may be keeping children out of school due to risks from Omicron.

But Nancy Fry is no mere parent providing anecdotal evidence to the Sun-Sentinel. Fry is a longtime political activist as well as the president of the Broward Young Democrats. Fry is the aide to Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Steve Glassman, a Democrat.

Today’s story is not the first time Nancy Fry appeared in the Sun-Sentinel to push a Democrat Party narrative.

In August 2019 Nancy Fry made two appearances in the pages of the Sun-Sentinel. An August 20, 2019 story about gun laws described Fry as a “volunteer with Moms Demand Action.” Two days later, Fry penned a letter to the editors describing “code red” drills in her son’s school.

An October 18, 2019 report on “gun safety laws” referred to Fry as an “activist with Moms Demand Action.”

In August 2021, the Sun-Sentinel simply described Nancy Fry “of Coconut Creek” in a report on mask mandates in Broward schools. Photographs of Fry and her daughter were featured in the report. One day later, the letters to the editor section once again featured photographs of Fry and her daughter.

Did the Sun-Sentinel simply forget to mention Fry’s activism to its readers?

Did someone at the Sun-Sentinel determine that Nancy Fry’s leadership role in the Broward Democrat Party was not relevant information.

Did the Sun-Sentinel even try to find a “civilian” parent that would toe the anti-DeSantis line?

Nancy Fry is very big on mask mandates imposed on the regular people of Broward. But when it comes to Democrat leaders, Fry appears to be part of the masks-optional crowd.


On December 5, 2021, Nancy Fry posed maskless with elected Democrat officials like Nikki Fried and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at the Leadership Blue conference in Orlando.

Nancy Fry and Nikki Fried
Nancy Fry and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

On December 8, 2021, Nancy Fry appeared maskless with elected Democrat leaders such as her boss Steve Glassman at the Dolphin Democrats Christmas party at The Dalmar in Fort Lauderdale.

On December 12, 2021, Nancy Fry and her two children appeared maskless at a Moms Demand Action event at a local park.

The next day, Nancy Fry went maskless at the Broward Young Democrats holiday party in Oakland Park.

Nancy Fry and Steve Glassman

Sure, the BYD invite stated a vaccination card or negative test was required to attend the party. But in an abundance of caution in the middle of the Omicron surge, shouldn’t these Democrats lead by example by wearing a mask?

Perhaps the Sun-Sentinel should talk to some real Broward County parents instead of political operatives and narrative pushers, no?

Broward Democrats Gone Wild: Mayor Steve Geller Calls Resident “A Jerk” For Asking Questions At Cuban Freedom Rally In Pembroke Pines

Bina Fink & Co.

The Broward Democrat elected officials who gathered in Pembroke Pines to rally for Cuban Freedom were not happy when one resident tried to exercise his First Amendment rights. Sure, Broward Mayor Steve Geller, Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis, County Commissioner Dale Holness held signs calling for “Democracy in Cuba,” but Geller and Ortis would have made the Castro brothers proud by their reactions when one resident interrupted the photo opportunity.

The Broward resident dared to ask Mayor Geller if mask mandates and arrests of residents violating COVID-19 protocols were reminiscent of communism. While any politician should be able to explain the differences, Geller, Ortis and their taxpayer funded aides tried to silence the resident.

Geller’s controversial aide Bina Fink and her associates desperately tried to block access to the Mayor.

Ortis and his allies tried to get Pembroke Police to intervene. The video shows police declined. Unlike Ortis, his officers were well aware that a resident recording politicians on public property is protected by the First Amendment.

When their attempts to silence the resident failed, Geller sought safety inside the Pembroke Pines government center. On his way inside, Geller told the resident, “I think you’re a jerk.”

The resident had the final word. He called Geller a “tyrant.”

Earlier, Geller held a sign which read “Democrats For Democracy In Cuba.” Guess he’s undecided about “Democracy in Broward.”

For our Margate readers, the Cuban people are risking arrest by taking to the streets to protest the tactics of their Communist leaders. These Broward Democrats were supposed to be showing unity with the Cuban people. Instead, men like Steve Geller and Frank Ortis did their best imitation a of Cuban politicians.

Some would call them hypocrites.

Even worse, elected officials stood by in silence as Geller and Ortis attacked a protestor at a Cuban Fredom rally.

Officials elected to city government, County government, the Broward School Board and even the State Legislature did nothing as a Geller and Ortis tried to get police to silence a man with a camera shouting questions at a Cuban freedom rally.


Shame on you.