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Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal Calls Black Female City Employee A Liar After Inappropriate Sexual And Racial Remarks Go Public

Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal used to love “snitches” and whistleblowers. In a 2019 Sun-Sentinel article, Sortal asked a fellow journalist, “Why is it that a city employee who calls out a fellow employee for, say, cheating on a timecard, called a ‘whistleblower,’ while a person who provides information on a much larger offense, even murder, is labeled a “snitch?” The journalist responded, “whistleblowers are victims who speak up against an injustice at work.” On Thursday, Sortal told the Sun-Sentinel that a black female whistleblower was lying about sexual and racial remarks he made to her at City Hall last month.

On Monday, REDBROWARD reported on a Human Resources complaint filed a City of Plantation employee against Nick Sortal. According to the employee, in mid-May, Sortal and his wife Robyn Sortal came into the City Clerk’s office to obtain paperwork for his mayoral campaign against popular incumbent Mayor Lynn Stoner. Sortal told the employee about a “scuffle” between his wife and Stoner. Sortal told the female employee that “My dick is hard for this.” The embarrassed employee covered her face with her hands.

Sortal then asked the employee if anyone else picked up paperwork for mayoral race. When told yes, Sortal asked if the person was black. When employee told him no, Sortal said, “Oh good, Plantation will never have a black mayor.”

Within days, the employee, a deputy city clerk, filed a complaint with the City of Plantation Human Resources department.

REDBROWARD obtained a three-page memorandum that is part of the complaint. The memorandum is signed by City of Plantation Human Resources Director Denese Edsall. The memorandum documents the steps city leaders took to investigate the matter.

The memorandum includes the comments made by Sortal, an admission by Sortal to Plantation Chief Administrative Officer Jason Nunemaker and a discussion with labor attorney Denise Heekin.

Heekin told City leaders they were powerless to act against Sortal. She advised the City officials to create the memorandum to accompany the complaint.


Nick Sortal began his Clintonian attack on the black female whistleblower on Tuesday in a statement to an obscure student newspaper in Miami. Sortal “declined to comment, but deemed the memorandum ‘inaccurate.’” Fun fact for student reporters: Using the word “inaccurate” in in fact a comment. The rest of the laughable article reads as a Sortal campaign president release. He attacks Stoner while lamenting how dirty politics “muddied” waters. He attempts to spin the story as a partisan attack by labeling REDBROWARD as a “conservative website.” Sortal and Stoner are both Democrats.

Sortal continued his Clintonian game plan in comments to the Sun-Sentinel on Thursday. “I feel it’s all about politics,” Sortal said. “I want to keep my focus. I’m not getting down in the mud. That’s not who I am.”

Sortal claims he made the “My dick is hard over this” remark to his wife not the deputy clerk. He says he wanted to show his wife how proud he was over his defense of him.

But Nick Sortal says the black female deputy clerk’s complaint regarding his racial comment is “a lie.”

Sortal said the allegation that he also made a racial comment to [the deputy clerk] is “a lie. That never, ever happened. I’m not that kind of person.”

“I feel it’s all about politics,” Sortal said. “I want to keep my focus. I’m not getting down in the mud. That’s not who I am.”


In the memorandum obtained by REDBROWARD, Nick Sortal admitted to making the comments to CAO Jason Nunemaker. Sortal told Nunemaker, “he did not realize they were taken as inappropriate as he has been speaking to [the city employee] for four years and felt comfortable.”

Nick Sortal felt “comfortable” with the woman for four years but suddenly she is a liar when his political aspirations are threatened?

According to the memorandum, Sortal was so comfortable with the employee that he revealed why she was not promoted. The employee said Sortal told her, “That the Mayor did not like her and that is why she didn’t get the job.”

Now, Sortal wants voters to believe the employee is a pawn of Stoner in a “dirty politics” plot to keep him out of the Mayor’s office?

Sortal doesn’t apologize. He claims his “My dick is hard” was a pat on his wife’s head for defending him. Really? He makes a remark about his penis while his wife is talking with a female employee about grandchildren?

The female whistleblower, his friend for four years, is a liar?

Lynn Stoner is orchestrating a dirty politics campaign with the aid of high-level City employees and officials?

Nick Sortal wants to be the Mayor. Yet he calls his employees liars?

This sounds so misogynistic. So unprofessional. So unbelievable.

Should Nick Sortal be put in charge of the City of Plantation?

Time for someone to ask Plantation Council Members Jennifer Andreu, Eric Anderson, Tim Fadgen and Denise Horland what they think of Sortal’s behavior.

Governor Ron DeSantis Appoints Stacy Angier and Paul Tanner To The North Broward Hospital District

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the appointment of Stacy Angier and Paul Tanner to the North Broward Hospital District better known as Broward Health. Here are some details provided by the Governor’s office:

Stacy Angier

Stacy Angier, a resident of Margate, is the Principal at Abundant Life Christian Academy. She is a current board member for the Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center and the League of Christian Schools. Angier earned her bachelor’s degree from Miami Christian College and a master’s degree from Oral Roberts University.

Paul Tanner

Paul Tanner, a resident of Fort Lauderdale, is the Owner and Founder of Las Olas Capital Advisors. He is a board member for the Urban League of Broward County and sits on the Investment Committee of Broward Community Foundation. Tanner earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida Atlantic University.

Team Holness Stuck Using Broward Benchwarmers After Powerful Friends Abandon His Campaign Kickoff

The Dale Holness For Congress campaign promised a who’s who of powerful Broward leaders would attend his kickoff event on Tuesday evening. The flyers and emails boasted about the big names on Holness’ “host committee” while urging supporters to join them for a mere $10,000 campaign contribution. The host committee included Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, Broward Clerk of Courts Brenda Forman, Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis and even Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

Just one problem.

None of these powerful leaders showed up. Not a single one. They did not even send representatives to speak on their behalf.

When it came time to introduce Dale Holness, the emcee asked Tamarac Commissioner Elberg Mike Gelin to come to the podium. Oops, Gelin was not in attendance.

Instead, Team Holness relied on mere benchwarmers, C-listers among Broward’s elected officials, to introduce the former County Commissioner.

Backbenchers like Oakland Park Commissioner Mitch Rosenwald, Anthony Arserio of Margate and Lauderhill Commissioner Ray Martin sang the praises of Holness. Needless to say, these men did little to fire up the crowd gathered in the parking lot outside of Holness’ real estate office in Plantation.

Last year, Dale Holness was considered the front runner to replace Alcee Hastings in Congress. Holness’ campaign kickoff for that race drew three times the crowd, multiple media outlets as well as members of the Broward political elite.

But after losing to newcomer Sheila Cherfilus McCormick by five votes, Holness is a just another civilian with hopes of roaming the halls of Congress in Washington D.C.

Broward’s ruling class has abandoned him. The media covering his event was limited to the Sun-Sentinel and one television station.

Only one Broward Democrat party activist attended the festivities.

Holness’ daughter, Damara, was a no-show. Even Holness’ longtime “campaign guru” Omar Smith was absent.

But Dale Holness was not all alone.

Elberg Mike Gelin was very late. He made it just as the food was being served.

Tamarac Post founder Anthony Bonamy, a Holness aide, was in the crowd. Justin Porter, another former commission aide, was at Holness’ side.

Yet, the enthusiasm was missing. The loudest cheers came when the Stranahan High School basketball team was introduced.