Broward Supervisor Of Elections Headlined Partisan Discussion For Potential Candidates

In another stunning example of partisan behavior, Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Brenda Snipes headlined a Democrat panel for political candidates at a conference organized by her office’s attorney. Snipes was the part of the “Running for Office and Promoting Issue-Based Campaigns” session at the 2014 South Florida Women Of Color Empowerment Conference in Fort […]

Broward Democrat Kristin Jacobs and The Broward County Commission Think “Fair” Districts Are A Joke

Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs told a real knee-slapper at the May 3, 2011 Broward County Commission meeting. The commission was discussing the redistricting process when Commissioner Sue Gunzburger asked Jacobs to provide the “best definition of the word ‘fair'”. Well, in the best tradition of Shecky Greene, Jacobs said this, “My dad always said […]

Obama For America and Broward Democrats Ignoring FL Third-Party Voter Registration Laws?

In an attempt to curb widespread voter fraud, the Florida legislature passed new laws regarding third-party voter registration drives. The measures, signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott, force third-party groups to register with the State and return voter applications with 48 hours. Several groups, including the League Of Women Voters, have suspended drives in […]