Awake (UP) Broward: Democrat Insider Barbara Miller Isn’t Part Of The 99 Percent

On Tuesday, Barbara Miller, the ultimate Broward Democrat insider, joined Awake Broward Democrats and the Occupy Fort Lauderdale crowd at their Awake The State rally in Fort Lauderdale. They held signs and sang songs bemoaning the “one percent” and Republican politicians as the root of all evil. Lots of “we are the 99 percent” chants […]

School Board Wants to Pay Someone $150,000 To Be In Charge of Feeding B***SH&T To Broward County

New Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie thinks he needs a Pubic Information Officer. The position could pay up to $148,000 a year. To put into perspective, Broward State Attorney Mike Satz (D-I SEE NOTHING!) was elected alongside Jimmy Carter (D-1976 version of Obama) and he barely makes $150K a year. WPLG/Local 10 published a list […]

Katie Leach and Donna Korn Become Members Of The School Board Of Broward County (VIDEO)

Shortly after noon Monday, Katie Leach and Donna Korn officially became members of the School Board of Broward County. Both women were tapped by Governor Rick Scott to fill the vacancies left by Jennifer Gottlieb and Dave Thomas. Some of the notables in attendance were State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff, State Representative George Moraitis,  and School […]