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RED BROWARD BUZZ: Today’s Top Search Terms

Here are the top 15 search terms that brought people to RED BROWARD on Sunday January 29th 2012. It gives you good idea what people are talking about in Broward County:

1.allen west redistricting
2.robert sutton broward teacher of the year
3.”robert sutton” teacher of the year
4.youtube allen west redistricting
5.ruth roman lynch
6.robert sutton broward
7.robert sutton broward teacher of the year abcnews
8.sutton ritter
9.ruth roman lynch
10.city commissioners ft lauderdale candidates ferber
11.michael ferber for city commissioner
12.carrie jennings heckles newt gingrich
13.2012 broward county sheriff race
14.occupy broward
15.ilene lieberman

Will Rick Santorum Return To Broward County? (VIDEO)

Following the rally at Wings Plus on Sunday, RED BROWARD had the opportunity to ask Senator Rick Santorum if he would be returning to Broward before the January 31st primary. Check out video for his answer.