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CONSPIRACY: Charging Docs List “Co-Conspirators,” May Signal Omar Smith’s Cooperation In Ongoing Federal Investigations

Omar Smith

Federal prosecutors allege Omar Miguel Smith, Dale Holness’ longtime campaign guru, had help in his conspiracy to fraudulently obtain a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) COVID-19 relief loan, charging documents show. These same documents may signal that Smith is cooperating with Federal authorities in ongoing investigations. On Monday, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida charged Smith with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud. If convicted, Smith faces up to thirty years in Federal prison.

In charging documents filed in U.S. Federal Court, prosecutors allege “co-conspirators” assisted Omar Smith in fraudulently obtaining a $215,500 PPP loan for his Florida company A Star For I, Inc. in June 2020. Prosecutors allege Smith agreed to pay 20% of the PPP loan to a co-conspirator for help obtaining the loan. On June 1, 2020 Omar Smith submitted an online loan application prepared by his co-conspirator.

According to the U.S. Attorney, “the loan application falsely stated that A Star For I had 30 employees and had an average monthly payroll of $85,000 a month.” To support these bogus claims, Smith submitted false IRS documents prepared by his co-conspirator that “falsely stated that in the first quarter of 2019 A Star For I paid wages of $255,000 and had withheld from those wages federal income tax of $24,040, social security tax of $31,620, and Medicare tax of $7,395.”

The PPP loan was approved one day later and $215,500 was transferred to the A Star For I bank account. Prosecutors state Smith transferred $42,500 to his co-conspirator on June 10, 2020 as payment for obtaining the PPP loan.

Between June 2020 and October 2020, Federal prosecutors allege Omar Smith “began issuing checks to persons in order to make it appear as if A Star For I had full-time employees and was complying with the conditions of the PPP loan.” Prosecutors claim “the persons receiving the checks did little, if any, work for A Star For I.”

Prosecutors have not named Smith’s co-conspirators.

REDBROWARD was first to report on Omar Smith’s suspect PPP loan in August 2020.

During the same time period, REDBROWARD exposed a similar suspect PPP loan obtained by Damara Holness, daughter of former Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Like Smith, Damara Holness used false documents to claim her Florida company employed workers with a hefty payroll when in reality, Holness Consulting Inc. had no employees. Using false payroll records, Damara Holness fraudulently obtained a $300,000 PPP loan.

Also like Omar Smith, Damara Holness wrote checks to associates who cashed the checks and returned the majority of the money to Holness. Prosecutors alleged Holness used dozens of people in this scheme. Last month, Damara Holness started a 20 month prison sentence in Mariana, Florida.


Included in the charging documents filed Monday is a “waiver of indictment” which reads:

I understand that I have been accused of one or more offenses punishable by imprisonment for more than one year. I was advised in open court of my rights and the nature of the proposed charges against me.

After receiving this advice, I waive my right to prosecution by indictment and consent to prosecution by information.

In cases where punishment may be longer than one year, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure require a defendant be indicted by a grand jury. According to Federal criminal defense lawyers, Prosecutors may ask a defendant to waive the indictment requirement as part of a plea agreement which includes defendant’s cooperation in building cases against co-conspirators or other potential defendants.

It is unclear if Omar Smith is co-operating with Federal authorities. Damara Holness signed a similar waiver but a year later, prosecutors told a Federal Judge that Holness never co-operated and never revealed the whereabouts of $181,000 in cash.

Unlike Damara Holness, Omar Smith may have information that goes beyond PPP loan fraud.

As REDBROWARD documented for nearly ten years, Omar Smith played a major role in Dale Holness campaign operations. Smith helped form numerous controversial political action committees which aided Holness and his political allies. Smith used committees and other electoral processes to collect votes for Dale Holness and other favored candidates. Holness and Smith played key roles in the 2020 election which saw victories by Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott, and others.

Additionally, sources tell REDBROWARD that Smith’s A Star For I company received large unapproved payments by a South Florida municipality for work he may not have performed. One source claims a city employee, who is Smith’s close, personal friend, arranged the payment.

More to come…

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Mocks Wife Of Vice-Mayor Following Commission Meeting; Admits To Writing Articles For Fake News Website

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton mocked the wife of Vice-Mayor Elvin Villalobos during a heated confrontation following a Wednesday morning commission meeting, as first reported by Tamarac Talk. Bolton and Villalobos had to be separated after Bolton attempted to join a private conversation. “I said to Bolton, ‘Bye, baldy,’ urging him to leave the conversation. Bolton replied, ‘Excuse me? What did you just call me?’ So I repeated it, and he just went off,” Villalobos told Tamarac Talk.

The thin-skinned Bolton made unfounded accusations about Villalobos’ marriage and sex life. Then, Bolton proceeded to body shame Villalobos’ wife.

Villalobos was understandably upset with Bolton’s attack on the mother of his children. On Wednesday, a source told REDBROWARD that Broward Sheriff’s Deputies were need to keep the argument from getting physical. But Villalobos told Tamarac Talk that City Attorney John Herin separated the two.

In addition to the personal slurs, Villalobos said Marlon Bolton threatened to smear him in the fake news “Tamarac Post” website.

“I told him to do whatever he wanted with his fake posts,” said Villalobos, adding that the verbal altercation went on in the commission offices.

Bolton has a well-documented history of attacking female opponents and body shaming women.

Last August, REDBROWARD exposed how Marlon Bolton, the Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach church pastor, fat-shamed women in a vulgar video of a beloved Christmas carol from December 2009.

In the Christmas carol, Bolton displayed photographs of female models as well as a plus sized singer. Bolton added new lyrics to the holiday classic, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

Bolton’s lyrics have nothing to do with Christmas. Instead, the lyrics mock serious eating disorders

Bolton sings:

Starve yourself, this very next Christmas.

Let your weight be light,

From now on your dress size, will be smaller than mine…

Ohhh yeah…

Starve yourself, and have a thinner, little Christmas time.

Another video features Bolton video recording a topless male model. Bolton does not mock the male model.

Marlon Bolton has repeatedly attacked Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez in emailed newsletters and from the dais. But the most vicious attacks were made in the fake news Tamarac Post website.


Last November, REDBROWARD exposed the vicious anti-semitism used in a Tamarac Post article attacking Mayor Michelle Gomez.

The November 7, 2021 story in the “Tamarac Post” claims “Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez Under Heat For Receiving PPP Money.”

The story is the fifth Tamarac Post smear against Gomez since August 2021. All five stories were allegedly written by “Maria Colson.”

In the November 7th story, “Colson” raises an issue with COVID-19 relief loans (PPP) obtained by a law firm owned by Michelle Gomez. The disturbing screed claims the Tamarac Post “visited” Gomez’s office and spoke with an employee. “Colson” uses anonymous sources “close to” the mayor to deliver libelous claims about her business practices, income and state of her business.

Then, “Colson” randomly attacks a Tamarac resident by name because she is a defender of Gomez. The story fails to point out that Tamarac resident Dr. Darcy Schiller is a well-known and vocal critic of Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

An image accompanying the Tamarac Post story features Michelle Gomez dressed as vampire in a coffin with two other vampires. The vampires are drinking from glasses filled with blood.

Imagery depicting Jews as vampires or other blood sucking creatures are common in anti-Semitic attacks. Why did the Tamarac Post choose to depict Michelle Gomez as a vampire?

Earlier this year, REDBROWARD exposed the existence of a 2020 bombshell investigation commissioned by the City of Tamarac Human Resources Department which revealed a pattern of “bullying” of City employees by Commissioner Marlon Bolton. The report documented several instances of Bolton attacking political opponents by using their race, ethnicity and religion. During a public discussion of the report, Bolton lashed out at his perceived enemies, calling the investigation a “witch hunt.” Bolton said, “it was ‘patent public corruption and misuse of taxpayer funds for Mayor [Michelle] Gomez to have instigated this bogus investigation for the sole purpose of advancing her own political agenda.’”

Testimony from two longtime city firefighters described Marlon Bolton’s behavior while campaigning for Elvin Villalobos in 2018. Marlon Bolton served as Villalobos’ campaign treasurer when Villalobos ran against Michelle Gomez.

Captain William Duesler told investigators about Bolton’s behavior during early voting at the Tamarac library. Duesler said Bolton told a voter Gomez was a “White Jew–Don’t vote for her.” Another complaint heard Marlon Bolton tell a voter, “Gomez can’t even speak Spanish…and that she is a White Jew.”

In her interview for the investigation, Mayor Michelle Gomez described her encounter with Marlon Bolton at early voting. Gomez heard Bolton tell voters, “You can’t vote for her; She is a Jewish White woman who can’t speak a lick of Spanish.” Gomez told Bolton, “Yes I am Jewish.”

Marlon Bolton told investigators he was simply trying to provide information to voters.

“[Bolton] advised resident “our beloved Mayor is a White Jewish individual and only claims to be Hispanic because she spent two years in a Hispanic household,” the report states.

Bolton told investigators he “viewed his actions as a mediator versus an agitator insisting that Ms. Gomez tell people that she is a White Jewish female.”

On August 31, 2021, REDBROWARD revealed how Tamarac Post reporter Maria Colson is not a Tamarac resident.

According to her social media accounts, Maria Colson is a twentysomething woman living in Sidcup, England. According to her LinkedIn page, Colson works for TJ MAXX and a public policy firm. Both jobs are located in England, NOT Tamarac.

Colson’s Tamarac Post bio gives a vanity website, mariacolson.com, which appears to be a dead link. Links to her Facebook and Twitter accounts are also provided.

According to her Twitter account, Maria Colson is deeply interested in British animal rights causes and climate change initiatives. She makes no mention of Tamarac, or Broward, or Florida or even the U.S.A.

REDBROWARD attempted to contact Maria Colson via her Facebook page.

She never responded to questions about her reporting.

Also in August, REDBROWARD reported a link provided by the Tamarac Post revealed “MBOLTON” and not “Maria Colson,” authored recent stories attacking Michelle Gomez and other City of Tamarac politicians. Many Broward political insiders believe “MBOLTON” likely refers to Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

Since it first went online, the Tamarac Post repeatedly posted stories praising Marlon Bolton and his Commission co-hort Elberg Mike Gelin. In March 2021, REDBROWARD revealed Marlon Bolton’s deep ties to “The Tamarac Post,” which is owned and operated by close Bolton ally Anthony Bonamy.

The City Of North Lauderdale fired Anthony Bonamy from his position as deputy clerk after REDBROWARD revealed his role in the website. Bonamy was quickly hired as an aide to Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

When REDBROWARD spoke to Bonamy in March, he said his wife, Violene Vil, would assume control of the day-to-day operations of the Tamarac Post.

Now, Tamarac Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos is on the record stating Marlon Bolton threatened to post negative articles in the Tamarac Post.

Who is paying to operate the Tamarac Post? Does Marlon Bolton have to disclose any ties to the Tamarac Post since it aids his political career and campaigns?

How long will Marlon Bolton be allowed to act with impunity while flouting campaign rules and regulations?

Tamarac Post & Marlon Bolton