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Savvy Rubio Campaign Invites Broward Grassroots To Big Ticket Event

In a savvy move to attract grassroots support, the Marco Rubio campaign is making it easy for Broward Republicans to attend a high-priced fundraiser in Fort Lauderdale.  The Gold Coast Republican Club brokered a special offer for members of the Broward Republican Party (BREC) to attend a Friday night reception at the 110 Tower in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The event will raise money for Senator Rubio’s Presidential campaign.

For this event, the Rubio campaign is asking for $2,700 per person for the VIP  and $1,000 for the general recption. Thanks to the efforts of the Gold Coast Republican Club, BREC members can attend the general reception by making “whatever contribution you are comfortable with.”

The Club made it clear this special arrangement was not an endorsement of Rubio. The club hopes other candidates will make it easier for rank and file Republicans to meet them.

Note: While the Gold Coast Republican Club and the Republican Party of Broward County does not endorse or take sides in a Republican Primary Election, we do encourage all Republicans to attend as many Republican candidate events as possible. This will allow you to have first-hand access to the candidates and become as informed as possible before you cast your vote. To help with this effort, the Gold Coast Republican Club will periodically send out individual campaign event invites which are in or near Broward County.