Maria O’Donnell Repeatedly Called Lighthouse Point Police About Campaign Signs

It’s becoming clear Maria Corvaia O’Donnell knows no boundaries in her unhinged campaign for Lighthouse Point mayor. REDBROWARD has documented her lengthy online rants against this website and anyone on social media who dares questions her ballot qualification issue, her non-fact based crusade against a non-existent sober home, her “legal expertise” and her placement of campaign signs.

In today’s episode of “What Did Maria Corvaia O’Donnell Say Now?!?” we bring you three phone calls to Lighthouse Point Police complaining about missing signs and the placement of Glenn Troast signs.



Unhinged Part 2: Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Says Sexism Behind Sign Removal

The latest rantings from Lighthouse Point Mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell center around her obsession with her campaign signs.  REDBROWARD obtained an audio recording of calls between the Lighthouse Point Police Department and O’Donnell on February 13, 2017. A dispatcher with the LHP PD placed five phone calls to Maria O’Donnell to inform her the public works department had removed 14 signs from the public right of way. Like many cities such as Plantation and Coral Springs, Lighthouse Point was holding the signs until the campaign could retrieve them.

Of course, Maria O’Donnell saw a grand conspiracy at work.

When told the signs were removed from the public “right of way,” O’Donnell said, “I don’t know what a right of way means?” O’Donnell asked how many of of her opponent’s signs were picked up. Then Maria O’Donnell demanded to speak to the Chief of Police. “I don’t like these tactics. Who do you report to?” she said.

At one point during the third phone call, Maria O’Donnell stops to yell at her children. “I am on the phone with these people,” she said. “They are attacking me! So give me a break!”

O’Donnell tells the dispatcher, “I’ve got a huge mess over here. You know you caused a lot of stress for this family. We’re a Lighthouse Point family. What are you guys trying to do to us?”

During the fourth phone, attorney Maria O’Donnell plays the sexism card. She tells the female dispactcher, “I feel discriminated against because I’m a woman. I don’t know why you’re discriminating against me.”

In the fifth phone call, Maria O’Donnell says she is going to “subpoena” street cameras to find out who removed her signs. She said, “Actually this is going to be very beneficial for us. This will be fun.”

When told the public works department is unavailable, O’Donnell says, “I’m sure they’re all having a party.”


REDBROWARD has been on the receiving end of a few Maria O’Donnell rants. She took exception when we exposed her “fake news” about a non-existent sober home in Lighthouse Point.

Last month REDBROWARD reported Maria O’Donnell failed to submit the signatures of ten Lighthouse Points voters need to qualify for the mayor’s race. Under city code Sec. 22-2(a), “A candidate for city office shall announce their candidacy by filing with the city clerk the notice of candidacy form, the petition of candidacy supported by the signatures of ten registered voters and qualified electors of the city….” Instead of getting extra signatures, O’Donnell submitted just ten names.

The second signature on Maria O’Donnell’s petition is her neighbor, Fannie Currie. A search of local, State, private and public voter registration databases by REDBROWARD failed to locate any Lighthouse Point voter by that name.  A search of previous names Ms. Currie went by came up empty as well.

Lighthouse Point officials stated a Broward judge must determine whether Maria O’Donnell should remain on the March ballot.

Shortly after REDBROWARD posted the story, Maria O’Donnell went on an unhinged tirade similar to last week’s attacks on the Lighthouse Point Police. O’Donnell began an eight hour rant about the report.


O’Donnell and her husband started to add their commentaries to the REDBROWARD story. Brendan O’Donnell said his wife “personally” asked the ten people if they were registered voters. When asked if she did more to verify their information, Mr. O’Donnell wrote, “Are you seriously saying she should distrust her neighbor when she confirmed her voters status when pointedly asked???”

Minutes later, Maria O’Donnell attempted to use the same excuse.

Maria O’Donnell wrote, “I take great offense that the incumbent or anyone would ask I distrust my neighbor when I pointedly asked her if she was a registered voter and she was emphatic she was. You and the incumbent suggest we don’t trust our neighbors of Lighthouse Point? This issue is closed.”

After being asked why she did not take even basic steps to verify the information, O’Donnell wrote, “You are engaging in libel. I don’t appreciate that. I followed all the rules and respected them. I asked my neighbor pointedly if she was a registered voter, are you suggesting my incumbent asked for voter ID cards for his signatories?”

O’Donnell repeatedly referred to checking voter ID cards or “deeds.” She seems unaware that most of the voter information can be verified online, for free.

Instead of answering questions about her actions, Maria O’Donnell decided to launch personal attacks.

“You are quite skewed in your dislike for me, and it is tainting your ability to report the news unbiased,” she said. “Clearly that’s why you work for an internet local media outlet, if it even rises that that.”

Just after 6:30pm, O’Donnell claimed her rant was over. She said, “Your attacks are clearly fueled by your bias views and no facts therefore this discussion is now pointless. I won’t respond again. Re read my comments. Good day.”

Instead, O’Donnell continued her diatribe via Facebook messages to this reporter’s personal account.

O’Donnell claimed REDBROWARD had joined forces with her enemies in an attempt to keep her from winning.

She claimed she followed the law even though she had not submitted valid names. “All my signatories read the paper and affirmed their status and my cell records show I called them all in a row to reaffirm before filing so don’t knock me for my due diligence as if I sat on the corner asking for names….”

O’Donnell wrote, “Why are you so against me as mayor??? I am an American success story. I am running to donate my time to this town, why are you doing this?”

An hour into her Facebook rant, O’Donnell attempted keep her comments private. “Oh and you don’t have my permission to use any of my texts for your harassment column.”

This reporter stated we were on the record. At no time did she ask to go off the record.

Then, O’Donnell tried to imply she was an impostor pretending to be the candidate!

O’Donnell wrote, “I have a friend who sues reporters for this very thing. Always verify your source Tom.”

The exchange lasted from 2:00pm to almost 11:00 pm.

Maria O’Donnell continues to tout her “legal expertise” but REDBROWARD has now documented two cases where it appears she failed to do basic fact checking. Even more troubling, O’Donnell appears to have a habit of attacking those who dare to question her facts.

You can listen to all 5 telephone calls below.

Legal Expertise? Employees Sued Lighthouse Point Mayoral Candidate Over Federal Labor Laws

Maria Corvaia O’Donnell keeps telling Lighthouse Point residents that her “legal expertise” is a main reason they should vote for her in the March Mayoral election. This week, REDBROWARD reported O’Donnell, an attorney, told voters she would use her vast legal knowledge to fight sober homes. O’Donnell said she would use her legal experience to amend the Federal laws governing “sober homes.” She wrote, “I can help you amend the laws that govern these Sober homes. I will donate my legal expertise to you, but I need a political seat to push this reform so I can get it done efficiently and effectively.”

But according to lawsuits from two former employees, Maria O’Donnell had a hard time following Federal laws governing employment and overtime pay.

In July 2014, Joann Grogin claimed Maria O’Donnell’s “Unlawful employment practices” violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). According to the lawsuit, O’Donnell, “had Plaintiff, a non-exempt employee under the FLSA, work in excess of forty (40) hours per work week, but willfully refused to properly compensate Plaintiff for such work in violation of the FLSA.”

Four months later, another employee, Phynecia Rodolph filed a lawsuit against Maria O’Donnell for “for overtime compensation and other relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA).” Rodolph claimed O’Donnell failed “to pay Plaintiff time and one-half wages for hours worked in excess of forty within a work week.”

REDBROWARD obtained a May 2015 settlement between Maria O’Donnell and Phynecia Rodolph. In exchange for dismissal of the lawsuit, Maria O’Donnell agreed to pay Rodolph $11,000 dollars. O’Donnell agreed to a $9,000 dollar payment to Rodolph’s lawyers.

Should Lighthouse Point voters put their trust in O’Donnell to amend complex Federal laws involving the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act when she has a history of not following simple overtime rules?

REDBROWARD asked Maria O’Donnell for a comment. She has not responded.