Husband of Controversial Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Tells Police He Removed Opponent’s Campaign Signs

The husband of controversial Lighthouse Point mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell told police he removed her opponent’s campaign signs from yards without permission. According to a Lighthouse Point Police report, a resident reported her “Re-Elect Mayor Glenn Troast sign” was removed from her yard on February 20, 2017. The removal was captured on video by a neighbor.

In the video, “a dark colored pickuo truck that appears to be lifted, has larger than factory issued tires, and has two raised crossbars in the bed of the truck” is spotted approaching the victim’s home. The back of the truck is illuminated by the rear brake lights. A white male exits the truck, waits for a passing car and removes the sign.

Using a License Plate Recognition (LPR) search, police identified the vehicle as a black GMC Sierra pickup truck. Tag information identified the owners of the pickup truck–Brendan and Maria O’Donnell.

On February 28, 2017, Brendan O’Donnell  gave a statement to Lighthouse Point Police. He was informed police had surveillance video, witness statements and LPR results. O’Donnell claimed some residents, “Request[ed] that he removed Re-Elect Troast signs from their yard and replace them with Maria For Mayor signs. Brendan O’Donnell said he “would not have taken any signs unless he was told to do so.”

According the police report, “Mr. O’Donnell confirmed that he remove Re-Elect Glenn Troast sign in the area of NE 49 ST on the date of this incident.

O’Donnell told police that after he removed the Troast signs he realized he did not have any Maria For Mayor signs. He said he intended to replace them with his wife’s signs. Brendan O’Donnell admitted to removing 3 to 4 signs. When told these residents never requested he remove their Troast signs, O’Donnell said he “must have had his directions mixed up.”

Brendan O’Donnell told police he placed the Troast signs in the trash.

During the interview, police discovered Brendan O’Donnell’s driver’s licence had been suspended since August 2016. Police drove O’Donnell home.

The report ends with, “Based on all the evidence and statements obtained, I believe that it is appropriate to provide the victims with misdemeanor case filing instructions.”



9 thoughts on “Husband of Controversial Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Tells Police He Removed Opponent’s Campaign Signs

  1. Frankie Mercione

    An that’s all she wrote folks……This guy has run his mouth like crazy and he gets caught stealing signs!!!!! Wait until info comes out about the sign that was cut. I know some people will be looking to knock this guy out cold. Wow!



    Time for us to unite and get them out of the city altogether. We don’t need this trash and I would much rather have 47 sober homes then the O’Donnell family.


  3. Angry resident in a great City

    The sad reality is that this candidate has created controversy in every aspect of the election. She created misdirection and misinformation regarding budgets, sober homes, signs, right of ways, election filings etc. In every case she accuses someone else of creating it. She has abused the police department and the services they provide by taking up their time on non-emergent issues. She has bullied almost everyone who responds negatively to her online comments. In her latest post, she blames the City for “running” this election so poorly and by spending $32,000 on it. . In truth, the estimated amount for the election is set by the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, a fee the City would not have to pay if she did not run. While I think everyone is supportive of open elections, it should be with candidates that truly want to serve the people, who put their time and efforts into improving their community, not tearing it down. The City does not “run” elections – They have ordinances that outlines the criteria for political signs,- number, size, placement, etc. The SOE staffs the polling places, prints and send the ballots etc. I have been a resident in LHP for over 40 years and have participated in every election since I started voting, the personal, attacks and other nasty things (on both sides) have to stop- We are better than this! Forget the signs Mrs. O’Donnell, forget the attacks – tell us specifically your top three issues, how you are going to fix them, how much it will cost and where is the money coming from. ( and leave the police to do their business of keep Lighthouse Point one of the safest Cities in Florida.


    1. Just keep LHP great

      This is the best, most accurate and unbiased post I have seen. It hits every point right on the mark.


  4. Amelia

    Hey Maria- you claim your husband was asked to remove those signs by the resident of that home. One question. If the person had signs on their lawn that were unwanted WHY DIDN’T THEY REMOVE IT THEMSELVES? Seriously? Hey if Brendan isn’t busy would you send him here to pull in my trash cans?


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  6. wookieballs

    Don’t know who this Maria is but she sounds like a total crazy person. An unhinged loose canon with a big mouth who can’t take criticism. How sad for this community.



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