Read the full Lighthouse Point Police report about Brendan O’Donnell removing campaign signs of Mayor Glenn Troast.

UPDATE: Two items on page one of the police report have been redacted for privacy reasons. These items were inadvertently visible in the original post. We regret the error.

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Brendan stop enabling Maria, you’re fanning the flames with your own fucking stupidity. Baker Act her. Do it secretly if you need to but fucking do it. Your family is here for you.


  2. I don’t care if I get in trouble for writing this but if I see this guy I am going knock his block off.


  3. She’s truly an unbelievable success story. From stripper to highly successful attorney with hundreds of employees working from luxurious offices located on Federal Highway.


    1. She doesn’t have any employees. They all quit or were fired within a few months. She had the worst turnaround in the industry. Everyone in personal injury knows her down here for her horrible office environment, she’s notorious. She made her millions by defrauding State Farm- once they caught on, they took ALL their cases back and she was left with nothing, but she kept the money she had already made, hence her mansion.


    2. She’s also never had an office on Federal, not sure if that was ironic or what but yeah. Her office was on McNab, I know several ppl who worked there


      1. Her office address now is listed as Federal Highway.. but at the UPS Center in Beacon Light. She must tell her non existent clients to Meet me at my office and go to Publix also , it’s a 2 for 1 deal !! Harry please do tell us more . Enquiring minds want to know .


  4. Nothing is making me happier than to watch this sh*tstorm destroy her and her minion lap-dog of a husband. Unfortunately, I have had a few run-ins with this disgusting pig at my place of business and she is nothing but trash! This is absolutely her karma!!! She is a bullying, conniving, scamming, paranoid, delusional, evil demon spawn! She absolutely deserves all of this backlash because what goes around, comes around! She is proof positive that money can never buy you class- however it can buy you a decent bra as it is unbecoming of a mayoral candidate to run around town without one. How she and her husband can continue to live in LHP after all of this is beyond me. Hell, I don’t even think they have enough “class” to be worthy of us “Pompton” folk!


    1. The sad part is this probably won’t affect them and they will probably go further into delusion. She will brand herself a victim, as usual, and probably move to NJ or Italy. I feel bad for the kids, they’re really sweet and don’t deserve this. Maria has ostracized their family from anyone who’s actually cared for them over the years. Many people have tried to help, but end up giving up because she is seriously impossible to deal with- she doesn’t think she needs to change. She needs to be baker acted, but Brendan is so codependent on her and obsessed with image that he’ll never do the right thing. Brendan, stop being such a fucking lazy pussy and step up.


  5. What the hell? This guy once had it made. Smart and funny, he had great parents, great family, great friends, great life. How did he end up with this wife?


  6. When this woman was stalking Brendan years ago, I figured he’d move on quickly. Years later she is his wife and driven away all friends and family with her vileness. . No one could understand how he tolerated her, but I guessed he felt some responsibility to this seriously mentally ill wife. Though it has been quite amusing and rewarding to watch her self immolation, this has to be rough on those innocent kids. Brendan your responsibility is to them, your wife ain’t getting better and is obviously dragging you all down with her. She probably still doesn’t think she has an issue, even after a LIFETIME of this crazy crap and this has to be the most delusional, bizarre and crazy EVER-which is saying quite a bit.


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