Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Digging Up Dirt On Private Citizens?!?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder in Lighthouse Point, REDBROWARD obtained documents showing mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell digging up dirt on private citizens. Public records show O’Donnell sought information on eight Lighthouse Point residents. Only two names were public officials: Mayor Glenn Troast and former Broward Health Commissioner Maureen Canada. The other residents were apparently targeted for supporting O’Donnell’s opponent on social media.

On February 28, 2017 Maria O’Donnell submitted her first public records request to the City of Lighthouse Point Clerk.

I would also like to request records on the following individuals:

Maureen Spieker Canada

Christian Spieker

Matthew White

Nicole Burrier White

Vicki Alfani Burrier

Greg Pagans

This records request is for their entire residency. Thank you.

Maria Corvaia O’Donnell

The People’s Law

What was Maria Corvaia O’Donnell looking for? 

The City of Lighthouse Point Clerk handles requests for police reports. The request was made on the same day her husband was interviewed by Lighthouse Point Police about the unlawful removal of Glenn Troast campaign signs. 

Yesterday, REDBROWARD reported Brendan O’Donnell admitted to removing “Re-Elect Mayor Glenn Troast” signs from the yards of his supporters. O’Donnell was caught in the act on a neighbor’s surveillance video camera. Lighthouse Point Police recommended advising the victims on how to file misdemeanor charges.

On Thursday, March 2nd, Maria Corvaia O’Donnell made another public records request.

I’ll reduce my request actually based on the latest information I’ve received:

Marjorie Troast

Glenn Troast

Greg Pagans

Matthew White

Nicole White (same address as Matthew)

Thank you.

Maria Corvaia O’Donnell

The People’s Law

Marjorie Troast, the wife of Mayor Glenn Troast, defended herself after a pro-Maria O’Donnell Facebook page spread false rumors about the mayor’s children and the death of his first wife in a tragic car accident.  The same pro-O’Donnell page falsely accused Greg Pagans’ wife Lynn of operating a pro-Troast Facebook page.

Was the public records request payback for the online comments? Was Maria Corvaia O’Donnell trying to intimidate private Lighthouse Point residents?

We tried to ask her.


On Friday, we asked Maria O’Donnell about her public records request. In a Facebook message, this reporter asked, “Question: why did you do a PRR for so many private citizens of LHP?”

Her response: “Question: how did you know to go get that police report?” (She’s referring to the police report regarding her husband removing Troast campaign signs).

REDBROWARD stated we do not discuss our reporting techniques or reveal any sources.

Then we asked her, “Why did you make PRR for info on private citizens? What info were you hoping to find? How did you use info?”

She has yet to respond.

Lighthouse Point residents deserve answers before the March 14th election.

1 thought on “Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Digging Up Dirt On Private Citizens?!?

  1. Gabby

    I really hope she has plans to move elsewhere March 14th because her life is going to be absolute Hell if she stays in LHP.



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