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Victim Placed Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony At Scene Of Stabbing Over Drug Debt Hours Before Deadly Shooting In Philadelphia

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

In May 1993, a victim told Philadelphia Homicide Detectives that Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony accompanied the drug dealer who stabbed him over a twenty dollar debt, newly unearthed police records show. As first reported by the Florida Bulldog, the Florida Commission on Ethics released eighty-nine pages of police records surrounding the murder of Hector “Chino” Rodriguez. Philadelphia Police charged Tony with the murder of Rodriguez.

Two years ago, Gregory Tony claimed he killed Rodriguez in self defense. “When I was 14 years old, growing up in a dangerous neighborhood in North Philadelphia known as the Badlands, filled with gun violence, drugs and gang activity, I had to shoot an armed man in self-defense,” Tony stated in a social media post.

“The juvenile justice system reviewed my actions and concluded there was no crime and cleared my name,” Tony said.

However, multiple witnesses claimed the teenaged Tony shot an unarmed Rodriguez in front of the Tony home in Philadelphia. The witnesses said Tony confronted Rodriguez with a gun following a verbal argument. Tony shot Rodriguez multiple times including two shots in the back of the head.

In one interview, a witness placed Gregory Tony and Chino Rodriguez at the scene of a drug-related stabbing just hours before Tony killed Rodriguez.


On Monday, May 3, 1993 at 3:55PM, Philadelphia Police responded to a shooting at 2828 N. Hutchinson Street. A family member had already taken a mortally wounded Hector “Chino” Rodriguez to Episcopal Hospital. Witnesses on the scene told police that fourteen-year old Gregory Scott Tony shot Rodriguez.

Among the eighty-nine pages of investigative records released last week by the Florida Commission on Ethics is a three-page interview with Tito Castillo. The interview was conducted by a Philadelphia Police Homicide Detective less than 3 hours after Tony shot Rodriguez. Castillo had spent time inside Episcopal Hospital that day.

Castillo said he learned of the shooting when he saw Rodriguez’s mother inside Episcopal Church.

Castillo told police he went to the hospital for treatment on a stab wound in his right shoulder. Castillo said he was stabbed by Jackie Davis who lived in an abandoned house at 2817 Hutchinson Street. When asked why Davis stabbed him, Castillo said, “Because he said that I have 20 dollars of his. I don’t have twenty dollars of his.”

Castillo told the detective he had known Rodriguez for six years. He stated he had known Gregory Tony for five years.

The detective asked Castillo if Jackie Davis was friends with Gregory Tony. “Yes he is,” Castillo said.

Police asked Castillo, “When Jackie stabbed you, did Gregory or Hector see this?”

“Yes, they were both there,” Castillo said.

The detective asked “Was the $20.00 debt over drugs?”

Castillo responded, “Yes, Jackie sells drugs.”

In the other police interviews, witnesses were asked if drugs played any role in the death of Hector “Chino” Rodriguez. Since many of the witnesses were members of the Rodriguez family, it is not surprising they denied any knowledge of drugs.

Clearly, detectives quickly surmised drugs and drug-dealing played some role in the violence that day.

The newly-revealed statement by Castillo places Gregory Tony at the scene of second violent crime on May 3, 1993.

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony have any involvement in drug trafficking in the Philadelphia “Badlands” in the early 1990s?

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony accompany Jackie Davis to collect a drug debt from Tito Castillo?

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony witness Jackie Davis stab Tito Castillo over a $20 drug debt?

Was Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony a close friend or associate of Jackie Davis?

Broward residents deserve real answers about this matter.

VICTIMS DEPORTED: New Report Details How Co-Host Of Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin Expungement Event Molested Young Hispanic Men & Avoided Trial

Elberg Mike Gelin stands shoulder to shoulder with Jonathan Bleiweiss

A new report in the Florida Bulldog gives disgusting details how Florida Justice Center (FLJC) founder Jonathan Bleiweiss molested young Hispanic men and still avoided a criminal trial. Last month, REDBROWARD exposed how Bleiweiss co-hosted a City of Tamarac criminal record expungement event with Vice-Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin. Local expungement events are usually coordinated with the Broward State Attorney Office. For some reason, Gelin partnered with Bleiweiss.

When he was a Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) deputy, Bleiweiss was accused of detaining undocumented Hispanic men and forcing them to perform sexual acts to avoid arrest. The Florida Bulldog documents how Bleiweiss molested the men:

M.C.” and his brother “J.C.” were on bicycles when Bleiweiss approached them, flashed his emergency lights and stopped M.C. “While [Bleiweiss was] inquiring as to M.C.’s relationship status,” the motion says, J.C. rode up to them. Bleiweiss sent him away.

Then Bleiweiss forced M.C. into the back of his patrol car and molested him.

A few days later, Bleiweiss spotted M.C. on a bicycle, stopped him and administered a sobriety test. The deputy dimmed his emergency lights and the bicycle light, had M.C. lean against the patrol car as if for a pat-down, and molested him again.

Afterward Bleiweiss handcuffed M.C. and put him in the back of the patrol car while he wrote something on a piece of paper. Months later, he pulled over another man near the River Oaks Apartments and made him write his name on a notepad.

Bleiweiss would later agree to a plea deal which included prison but no sexual offender label. How did Bleiweiss get so lucky?

According to the Florida Bulldog, five of seven Bleiweiss victims were deported before trial.

In 2019, Prosecutor Neva Rainford-Smith told Florida Bulldog, “I agonized over the case. I know that he did it but without cooperating witnesses, we’re dead in the water.”

In December 2021, Bleiweiss tried to shorten his probation. In a hearing before Broward Judge Marina Garcia-Wood, Bleiweiss’ attorney tried to paint a rosy picture of his client.

The Bulldog reports how Judge Garcia-Wood replied, “And did he tell you the reason he was able to negotiate a plea to a non-sex offense was because the sheriff’s office … systematically rounded up those victims and deported them?”

Gelin ignored pleas from Tamarac residents to cancel the May 14th event with Bleiweiss. A smiling Gelin doubled down by snapping pictures with Bleiweiss at the event. Days later, Gelin posted an Instagram video featuring Bleiweiss.

Jonathan Bleiweiss appears in Elberg Mike Gelin video

News of the the deportation of Bleiweiss’ victims comes days after REDBROWARD reported how Gelin launched a bigoted attack on Tamarac Commissioner Elvin Villalobos.

After lamenting how Villalobos created discord at meetings because of a lack of advice by city attorney John Herin, Gelin lectured how Tamarac Commissioners could not “regulate” Tamarac Talk, Tamarac Post nor REDBROWARD. He said this First Amendment concept need to be “explained” to Villalobos.

“This is America. We have freedom of speech,” Gelin lectured. “That should be explained to the Commissioner who may still think that Latin American rules apply in America. And it doesn’t.”

“Excuse me? Excuse me? What do you mean that it doesn’t apply to Latin America, Vice Mayor?” Villalobos asked.

Later, Gelin stated the City Attorney needed to better educate Commissioners, “Who may not understand how this country is governed.”

Does Elberg Mike Gelin realize how many Hispanics reside in the City of Tamarac?

Does Elberg Mike Gelin have a problem with Hispanics?

Gelin is running against popular incumbent Mayor Michelle Gomez.

Does Elberg Mike Gelin think Mayor Gomez needs a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution?