Franklin Sands Reimburses Himself Nearly $1500 For “Auto Mileage”

Guess times are tough for lobbyists like Florida State Rep Franklin Sands (D-Lobbyist). In his latest campaign financial report, Mr. Sands, a registered lobbyist in Broward County, paid himself $1,469.00 for auto mileage. You’d think Sands would save money by picking up contributions from his stepson’s lobbying firm LSN Partners and dropping off checks to […]

Broward GOP “On Fire”, Working Weekends For Romney and Local Republicans

Local Republicans are working hard this Saturday for Mitt Romney, Connie Mack and local GOP favorites. Early this morning the Broward Republican headquarters filled with volunteers stuffing mailers into envelopes and making phone calls. Broward Republican chairman Richard DeNapoli emailed thousands of activists and flooded social media with a call to action. Over at Broward […]

Democrat Chris Smith Starring In Franklin Sands Robocalls

Florida State Senator Chris Smith (D-Smithmyer)  is doing robocalls for Franklin Sands’ School Board campaign. Smith tells listeners how he worked with Sands in Tallahassee…blah, blah, blah. Media Trackers has this story detailing the cozy relationship between Sands (D-Old Timer) and his school board lobbyist stepson Alex Heckler. Like Chris Smith, Heckler is a huge […]