Hillary Clinton Calling Voters From Controversial Broward Mosque

Hillary Clinton has held numerous campaign related events at a controversial Broward mosque. On Thursday, the campaign will hold a phonebanking event at the Darul Uloom Institute in Pembroke Pines. According to the official campaign website, “We know that people talking directly to other people is the most effective way to encourage people to vote. Join us as we make phone calls to supporters in our neighborhood–RSVP now (and bring a friend!)

It’s unclear if Hillary Clinton is aware of Dario Uloom’s history with radical Islamic terrorism. 

Before he was killed by the Pakistani Army in 2014, Adnan Shukrijumah was at the top of the FBI Most Wanted List for years. According to NPR, Shukrijumah was a spiritual leader at Darul Uloom. “About three miles from the Shukrijumah house in Florida, there’s an Islamic Center called the Darul Uloom Institute. It is run by Sheik Shafayat Mohammed, a heavyset, jovial man from Trinidad. He hired Adnan Shukrijumah’s father — who is now deceased — as a religious instructor years ago. And he says Adnan was allowed to lead prayers at the mosque.” Adnan Shukrijumah was an al-Qaeda “mastermind who plotted numerous attacks on New York transportation targets.

The leader of Darul Uloom, Sheik Mohammed, is no stranger to controversy. He wrote the God sent the Christmas 2004 tsunami to Indonesia because it was a modern Sodom and Gommarah. He called it a “gay paradise.”

Other worshippers at Darul Uloom include “Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla and Imran Mandhai. 

Last year, the Sun-Sentinel reported Mandhai had been deported to his native Pakistan. “Imran Mandhai, 32, of Hollywood, was arrested in May 2002 and later admitted he conspired to bomb a National Guard Armory and Florida Power & Light substations in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.” Mandhai spent 14 years inside the supermax prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

With plenty of non-controversial mosques in South Florida, it’s a mystery why Hillary Clinton picked the most notorious one.

Imran Mandhai worshipped at Darul Uloom (courtesy of Sun-Sentinel)

Pembroke Pines’ Jay Schwartz Latest Broward Democrat Pandering To Local Muslim Group

Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz is the latest Broward Democrat pandering to a local Muslim political action committee. Schwartz is featured prominently on the Emerge USA PAC Facebook page along with numerous other Broward Democrat politicians and candidates. In 2014, REDBROWARD exposed the role EMERGE USA played in Charlie Crist’s campaign for Governor.

Schwartz attended several EMERGE USA PAC events in 2015 including a Ramadan dinner celebration. According to one published report, Schwartz spoke about “changing” America EMERGE USA at a February event. Schwartz said, ““[T]here’s a group of people, in this room, who are changing America as we know it, and that’s a great thing… If there’s anything I can do to help the cause, I’m a phone call away.”

Last July, REDBROWARD exposed how female Broward judicial candidates covered their heads at several EMERGE USA events.

Pictures plastered all over social media featured Broward County Commissioner Marty Kiar, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel and Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan. While these gentleman appeared as they do at any community or political event, the Broward women running for office looked very different.

Pictures show State Rep. Gwyn Clarke-Reed and several women seeking to be Broward judges wearing scarves over their heads.

Before you say they’re showing respect inside of a mosque, many of the pictures were taken under a tent in the parking lot.

Broward Chief Judge Peter Weinstein attended the event in his normal attire. Would a sitting female judge cover her head? Would she politely decline and use the opportunity as a “teaching moment” on womens issues in the Muslim faith?

Did anybody tell Rhoda Sokoloff, Betsy Benson and Andrea Gundersen to cover their heads?

Is this the change Jay Schwartz was talking about?

UPDATE: Schwartz has two challengers in the non-partisan race for Pembroke Pines city commission. The election will be held on Tuesday March 15th. Early voting continues through Sunday.