Disgraced Former Congressman Paid Lauren Cooley Super PAC Days Before Broward Trump Rally

Last August, REDBROWARD exposed how disgraced ex-Congressman Mark Foley created bad press for President-elect Donald J. Trump at a Broward county rally. Multiple sources told REDBROWARD that Lauren Cooley, a twenty-four year old local musician, controlled the seating arrangements in the section behind Donald Trump. These sources stated Cooley was responsible for seating Foley behind the podium at the Trump rally in Sunrise, Florida. Foley’s presence at the rally was used by the liberal media to blunt Trump’s criticism of Hillary Clinton allowing the father of the Pulse nightclub terrorist to sit behind her at a recent Orlando rally.

In 2006, Mark Foley was forced to resign from office after it was revealed he sent sexually charged messages to underage congressional pages. At the time Foley said, “I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida I have had the privilege to represent.” The Foley scandal helped Democrats retake control of Congress in 2006.

REDBROWARD’s sources said Cooley was very “hands on” in the seating process. She even threatened to have security remove people who did not belong in her section. Of course, Cooley may not have been aware of this since she was just 14 years old at the time of the Foley scandal. In fact, some Cooley allies claimed she was unaware of Foley’s history or identity.


According to Campus Red PAC financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Mark Foley’s political committee gave Cooley’s group $2,500 just 4 days before the Trump rally in Sunrise. Is it possible Cooley did not know the identity of one of her first big donors? Did Foley write the check to get preferential seating?

Last week, REDBROWARD reported Cooley received payments from her own super PAC.

As of September 30, 2016, Cooley and treasurer Cade Marsh received nearly 80% of Campus Red PAC expenses.

Cooley received “retainer” payments of $2,000 each in August and September. Marsh, head of a Florida college Republican group, received the same retainer payments.

In September, Cooley and Marsh received large “reimbursement” payments. There were no other details or itemization for these payments.

Marsh received a $5,971.29 reimbursement while Lauren Cooley received a $4,331.47 reimbursement payment.

As of September 30, 2016 Cooley was paid $8,33.47 by her Campus Red PAC. Records covering October and November have not been filed. As of publication, it is unclear whether Cooley and Marsh received further retainer or reimbursement payments.

Cooley and Marsh received $18,302.76 out the $23,062 operating expenses through September.

Cooley is currently running to be the vice chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). Several BREC members and Trump volunteers expressed dismay over the Foley payments to Campus Red PAC. One volunteer told REDBROWARD, “That’s pretty underhanded. Trump did not need more fodder for the media.”

Voter Registration Numbers For Lauren Cooley’s Super PAC Don’t Add Up

Voter registration numbers used by Lauren Cooley touting the success of her Super PAC do not add up with numbers provided by the State of Florida. Cooley, a 24 year old Fort Lauderdale musician, is running for the vice chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). Cooley formed the Campus Red PAC in July 2016. On its website, Campus Red claims it “registered 11,000 conservative students.”

In her campaign email to BREC members, Cooley wrote, “In less than 6 months, I fundraised…and executed a cutting edge field program, resulting in the registration of roughly 11,000 conservative students, all in the state of Florida.” An article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel contains the same claim of registering 11,000 conservatives.

However, records of third party voter registration groups filed with the State of Florida Division of Elections shows Lauren Cooley’s Campus Red PAC did not come close to registering 11,000 students.

According to the State of Florida, Lauren Cooley’s Campus Red Super PAC registered forty-nine people to vote.


The State shows Campus Red received 1,725 applications. Out of the 1,725 applications, Campus Red PAC returned 49 “non-blank” applications. By comparison, Turning Point USA, another conservative college student group, returned 1,841 applications.

REDBROWARD wanted to ask Cooley about the numbers provided by Campus Red, but she did not reply to requests for comment.

In an email to Cooley, REDBROWARD asked about the careful wording of the numbers by Cooley and Campus Red. They simply state “registered,” not “registered to vote.” Did Campus Red PAC simply “register” these 11,000 students in another database?

Also, Cooley and Campus Red were careful to say the group registered “conservative” students. Does this mean they registered non-Republicans as well?

On the Campus Red website, Cooley’s group claims it wants to do more than register new voters. Campus Red states, “We’re identifying who’s who on campus; who is conservative, who is liberal, and who we can convert.”

Did Lauren Cooley and Campus Red compile an 11,000 person conversion list? Does Cooley think vigorous debate with college kids helped Trump win Florida?

We will let you know if we ever hear from Cooley.

Yet it’s clear from her email that Cooley leaves BREC members thinking she registered 11,000 new Florida voters. Her numbers just don’t add up.