Presidential Candidate Asks Roger Stone To Be Running Mate

Earlier this month, a Presidential candidate asked best selling author Roger Stone to be their running mate.  No, it wasn’t Donald Trump.  Souraya Faas, an independent candidate, asked Stone to join her ticket. The request came during the Q&A session at the Weston Republican Club. Mr. Stone was discussing his book, The Clintons War On […]

Roger Stone: Stop The Steal Project Prevents Stolen GOP Nomination From Donald Trump On Tuesday night, Roger Stone explained how the Stop The Steal Project would prevent the Republican establishment from stealing the GOP nomination from Donald Trump. The noted author and political consultant spoke to the American Citizens League in Plantation, Florida. For Stone’s full speech, go to Bleeple TV.   

(VIDEO) Roger Stone On Angry Trump & Bernie Voters

Best-selling author Roger Stone kicked off his latest book tour in Hollywood this week. In “Jeb And The Bush Crime Family,” Stone and co-author Saint John Hunt, son of E. Howard Hunt, share scandals from the family of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. However, Tuesday’s Libertarian Party meeting heard Stone tell the juiciest stories about […]