Less Red For Broward? FL House Releases Redistricting Maps

The Florida House of Representatives has released several redistricting maps. You can read the maps for yourself here. A few quick thoughts: –FL House 97 still exists, but may no longer include Weston. –Most of Weston goes to FL House 104, which may explain why Hazelle Rogers is eye-balling the Broward County Commission. –US Congress […]

“Gay Boycott” Just Another Democrat Ploy To Marginalize @AllenWest?

All hell broke loose when the Wilton Manors Business Association announced Congressman Allen West as the guest speaker for their August meeting. Wilton Manors, a small town just north of Fort Lauderdale, is home to many gay businesses and residents. Almost immediately, gay activists cried foul; There were calls for protests and boycotts. The President […]