Local Democrats Say “Broward Is, Where Woke Lives!”

At Saturday’s Obama Roosevelt Gala in Davie, Broward Democrats declared “Broward is, Where Woke Lives!” The annual gala raises money for the Broward Democratic Executive Committee. According to the Broward Democratic Party, the Realtors of Broward Palm Beach St Lucie paid $20,000 to let residents know “Broward is, Where Woke Lives!” Broward School Board Member Allen Zeman (D-Admiral) paid just $5,000 to help spread the word that “Broward is, When Woke Lives!”

The centerpiece of each table include a stack of “banned” books. One of the books was “This Book Is Anti-Racist” by Tiffany Jewel. The book claims it offers twenty lessons to help kids fight racism. One of these lessons in “courage and power to undo” racism.

Where was the courage and power of Broward Democrats like Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to denounce Allen Zeman’s inappropriate ass smacking of a Broward School District employee? Did Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus McCormick ask Nick Sortal about his inappropriate racial and sexual comments directed at a City of Plantation female employee? Did State Attorney Harold Prior ask County Commissioner Steve Geller about the serious allegations surrounding his aide? Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony ask County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers why she failed to follow State law when she hired Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton?

Does “woke live” at Camp Live Oak, a childrens camp operated by Broward Democrat National Committeeman (DNC) Ken Evans? Does the Camp Live Oak Library contain “This Book Is Anti-Racist?”

Silly me. These elected officials lack real courage. They used these books and “Woke” slogans to appear tough. They act like tough guys while never explaining how Governor Ron DeSantis won forty-percent of the vote in Broward.

Keep up the great work

Broward Is, Where Woke Lives?
Debbie Wasserman Schultz on left, with Steve Geller
Allen Zeman
Josh Simmons and Harold Prior
Harold Prior and Steve Geller
Steve Geller and Greg Tony
Steve Geller and Debi Hixon
Platinum Sponsor Was $10,000
The Admiral’s Table?
From Left, Judy Paul, Steve Geller, Nick Sortal and Bina Fink
Ken Evans

7 thoughts on “Local Democrats Say “Broward Is, Where Woke Lives!”

  1. Kate Johnson

    I know this may be a strange question… but if this is a private event, why is Sheriff Tony in uniform? He should not be using his visible position for political gain.


    1. Patti Lynn

      Good question. If the FDLE did its job, he would not be entitled to wear that uniform. Politics has triumphed over Florida law Enforcement…just to protect a less than stellar decision that DeSanctimonious made!


  2. Patti Lynn

    Tom, I just don’t get this story. The Democrats can go toe-to-toe with the GOP in reprehensible behavior, but, that is not what this event is all about, is it? “Woke” may have originated in the Black Community but, the concept of being WOKE is to be AWARE of what’s going on around you. The governor’s “Anti-Woke” campaign is nothing more than telling his followers, (sheep), that they don’t have to be aware. HE will make their decisions for them. If that isn’t fascist, what is?


  3. JJ

    So the DNC thinks it’s wise to name their gathering after Barack Obama and Franklin D. Roosevelt? By their own rules used to tear down statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the DNC must immediately disassociate from Barack “Uh, Marriage, Uh, Is, Uh, Between, Uh, A Man, Uh and Uh a Woman” and the man who stood up for America’s Southern border by denying European Jews on the St. Louis entry into the US during WWII.


  4. boomerbabysage

    And, thus, Dan Rather’s reference to the anti-Woke being nothing more than a GOP dog whistle. All catchy phraseology, zero substance. So ridiculously sad that the vast majority of those buying into the rhetoric have no clue whatsoever what the term “woke” actually even means or its origins…but that’s what fascists love….non-thinking sheep…it’s the same reason they attack education and those in academia; intelligent thinking works directly against the authoritarianism they seek to gain.



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