State Of Confusion:Broward State Attorney And FDLE Will Not Charge Broward School Board Candidate Rod Velez With Perjury

As expected, the Broward State Attorney’s Office and the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement (FDLE) will not pursue perjury charges against Broward School Board candidate Rod Velez. A December 19, 2022 close out memorandum describes Velez’ confusion over which of his rights were restored by Amendment 4. Velez, a convicted felon, could vote when he signed campaign paperwork in June 2022.

The memo recounts a November 2022 interview with FDLE agents where Velez claims he did not know he was ineligible to hold office until October 2022. REDBROWARD previously reported Velez met twice with FDLE agents.

Due to this confusion, authorities believe Velez did not attempt willfully deceive officials or the public.

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