Marlon Bolton Strikes Again? New Mystery Mailer Hits Tamarac Mailboxes

A mystery mailer entitled “Moving Tamarac Forward” is hitting Tamarac mailboxes this week. The Democrat friendly voting recommendations are a carbon copy of Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton’s previous attempts to influence local elections. A disclaimer states the mailer was produced by a Tampa based political committee (more on that later).

Unsurprisingly, Moving Tamarac Forward recommends Elberg Mike Gelin for mayor. Gelin and Bolton are close allies who turned Tamarac into a political laughingstock. Gelin and Bolton are desperate to unseat popular incumbent Mayor Michelle Gomez.

The pick for the District 2 seat on the Tamarac Commission is somewhat surprising. Moving Tamarac Forward picks Morey Wright over Stuart Michelson. Wright is a shadowy perennial candidate in multiple races. Michelson and his wife, former Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman are closely allied to Bolton and Gelin.

Stay tuned.

Marlon Bolton Strikes Again?

3 thoughts on “Marlon Bolton Strikes Again? New Mystery Mailer Hits Tamarac Mailboxes

  1. Patti Lynn

    Vote yes on all Justices???? HELL NO!! Only LABARGA gets a YES. Vote NO on the rest of them. They have thrown the law to the wayside to support a political agenda.


    1. Captain Redbeard Rum

      Elvin, Alan Mostow said on Facebook that he “heard” you were at Trapeze the other night. I’m assuming that’s false given that he’s been on a campaign to harass you and Michelle since the zoning regulations were updated. You should have your attorney send him a cease-and-desist letter instructing him to produce the security camera footage that confirms his claim or shut up. My guess is that such video would indeed show a Tamarac city commissioner visiting Trapeze, but it would be the one who gets so “horny” (in his words) after Sunday night church services that his wife “can’t handle him.”

      EDIT: I see that Alan has now updated his comment to say that “some clubs said you stopped by.” Yeah, the guy is not that stupid. He knows exactly what he’s doing. You need to make it clear his little “whoopsie” act isn’t going to fly before he succeeds in tarnishing your reputation.



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