Far-Left Councilwoman Denise Horland Preferred New York City To Plantation During Covid-19 Pandemic

Plantation Councilwoman Denise Horland, a far-left progressive Democrat, said she preferred New York City’s onerous response to the COVID-19 pandemic to life in Florida. Horland made the stunning declaration during a September 2021 trip to New York City. She took to social media to state she felt “safer” in New York City than “back home” in Plantation. Horland said she “happily” provided vaccination cards to visit public places.

In her Twitter post, Denise Horland wrote, “I am currently in NYC. We’ve (happily) had to be masked and show our vaccination cards at several restaurants, museums and theatre. No issues. NY positivity rate: 3.31%, FL 16.8% Sadly, we feel safer here than back home in FL.”

While Horland felt “safer” in NYC, numerous restaurants and small businesses went belly up. Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo allowed seniors to die by the thousands in retirement homes and hospitals. Families were not allowed to comfort each other in person. But hey, at least Denise Horland felt “safer” when taking in a Broadway show or two.

Sure, Horland and her Democrat allies dislike Governor Ron DeSantis. But would any objective resident really say New York handled COVID-19 better than New York?

How does Denise Horland explain the mass exodus of New York residents and businesses to Florida?

Horland’s appreciation of New York’s COVID rules may explain her support of radical new laws for Plantation.

Horland is pushing a progressive agenda on Plantation businesses like a plastic straw ban, a ban on single use plastic containers and even forcing installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Last month, Horland told the Sun-Sentinel she wants Plantation to hire a unelected, bureaucrat to run Plantation instead of a mayor.

Does Denise Horland and her staunch ally Nick Sortal really want to turn Plantation into New York City?

Someone should alert all the new Plantation residents who escaped from New York about Horland’s dangerous scheme.

Denise Horland ❤️ NY

2 thoughts on “Far-Left Councilwoman Denise Horland Preferred New York City To Plantation During Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. boomerbabysage

    “Horland’s dangerous scheme”? Seriously Tom?? Histrionics much?? Please enlighten us to Ms. Horland’s alleged “far left” “dangerous scheme” since this article doesn’t do that. Unless, of course, one considers her choice to spend a portion of the pandemic living in NY (where she lived in the past) as opposed to being in Plantation during the entire pandemic (a place she and her family have lived for roughly 30 years) is somehow some nefarious scheme on her part. LOL!


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