LIVE DEBATE MONDAY NIGHT: School Board Candidate Marie Murray Martin VS BTU President Anna Fusco

Marie Murray Martin VS Anna Fusco

Ever want to give Broward Teachers Union (BTU) President Anna Fusco a piece of your mind? You will get your chance Monday at 7PM when True Broward hosts a Broward School Board District 1 debate with candidate Marie Murray Martin and Anna Fusco. A prior commitment forced candidate Rod Velez to bow out of the debate. Fusco will appear on behalf of Velez. The show will be moderated by REDBROWARD and local attorney Mike Ahearn.

Submit your questions below or call the show (515) 602-9613.

The show will be broadcast live Monday September 5th at 7PM on

Click here to listen.

8 thoughts on “LIVE DEBATE MONDAY NIGHT: School Board Candidate Marie Murray Martin VS BTU President Anna Fusco

  1. gemco98aolcom

    Does BTU support Korn? What can be done about a school board candidate deliberately lying about endorsements?


  2. Gaby

    How can Rod Velez bow out of a debate against an opponent? Why is he hiding behind the BTU President? How will we know what he thinks, he’s not here to tell us?


  3. M. Winans

    This question is for Anna: I would like to know, during the vetting process of these candidates, when you met with Ms. Martin, which specific parts of her platform you feel is not worth BTU’s endorsement? Seeing as though Marie Martin is a teacher, and union member, I’m sure you were wanting to support her immediately, so what things did she present to you that wavered your vote to the current candidate (a non teacher/educator with no experience in the field) ?


  4. Chickie's World

    This question is for Rodney Velez:

    As the SunSentinel reported: Mr Velez’s background makes it impossible for him to visit or volunteer any of District 1 campuses. Does he plan on changing the district’s policies to allow him and other violent felons on campuses? If so, how will he deal with the state policy that says the same? Thank you in advance for allowing voters to ask candidates a question.


  5. Bob Leshaw

    Over the last several years all of the asbestos has been removed from Broward County Schools. Will you be willing to bring asbestos back to the schools?


  6. Hope

    Question for Rod
    If you were transparent, why didn’t you let the public see the police report to see if your story matched the report?



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