Elections Workers Allow Broward Democrat Party Official To Violate 150ft Boundary At Early Voting In Coral Springs

Broward Supervisor of Elections Office (SOE) workers were oblivious as a Broward Democrat Party Official sat nearby handing out the official party palm card to voters at the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs. Florida law states all electioneering must be at least 150 feet from the entrance of a polling place. When setting up a polling place, one of the first things Broward SOE workers do is mark the 150 feet boundary.

On Sunday, REDBROWARD spotted Democratic National Committee Black Caucus Southern Regional Director Grace Carrington well within 150 feet of the library entrance. We watched as Carrington asked numerous voters if they wanted the offical Democratic Part card. Carrington sat in the shade while other candidates and volunteers melted in the 100 degree heat by the boundary set by SOE.

Carrington and two SOE workers convinced the supervisor on scene that Carrington was behind the line. Later, a disgruntled worker confirmed Carrington was violating the boundary. She moved further from entrance. Of course, Broward SOE workers were upset with REDBROWARD for pushing compliance with the law.

Voter holds card she just received from Grace Carrington

8 thoughts on “Elections Workers Allow Broward Democrat Party Official To Violate 150ft Boundary At Early Voting In Coral Springs

    1. boomerbabysage

      Oh please Stephanie. Have you ever been a poll or election worker?? I have been. Candidates from both parties, among others, have for years attempted to play fast and loose with the “border” and have constantly been told to move back when the workers can actually get outside to move them back. Frankly, I’d be thrilled if no candidate or their workers were allowed anywhere near the polls on election day but that seemingly will never happen. By the way, want to know who the most obnoxious were (at least at the Tamarac Library) in 2020? A few Trump loving guys driving their pickups emblazoned with Trump banners flying who would drive into the off-limits area behind the library to intimidate voters. We ended up having to call local law enforcement to get them to move away since they completely refused to do so when election workers attempted to get them to move. But, sure, it’s just Dems. Nice unknowledgeable try.


  1. boomerbabysage

    Awww Stephanie. Based on your years of muckraking in Miami Dade and Broward I would think you’ve spent plenty of time talking with strangers and/or strange people.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle

      Well, if you choose to remain anonymous then you are a stranger.

      I never understood people who like to be keyboard warriors, but don’t have the courage to use their real names.


      1. boomerbabysage

        Yet, you also fail to refute anything I have said and I never understood anyone who claims to be an investigatory journalist of some sort who doesn’t have the courage to respond to a straightforward point. But, sure, it’s my “anonymity” (like that means diddly squat in a site like this) that is the issue. LOL!


      2. Stephanie Kienzle

        I stand by every word I write, and I have the courage to put my name to it.

        Anyone who hides behind anonymity is a coward, and in my opinion, not worthy of acknowledgement.

        Yeah, and I stand by that, too.



      3. boomerbabysage

        Awww…so noble of you Stephanie in ignoring the point all along…so courageous of you in your little place in the investigatory sun here in south FL…but, thanks for helping to water down the point you made initially to Tom’s posting


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