Hazelle Rogers Paying Big Bucks To Mysterious Delaware Corporation Based At Her Campaign Office

Purple Bird Communications

Broward County Commission candidate Hazelle Rogers paid more than $25,000 to a newly-formed Delaware corporation with the same address as her campaign office, records show. Rogers, currently serving as the Mayor of Lauderdale Lakes, is running for the District 9 Commission seat against fellow Democrat Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas. The August primary is open to all voters.

According to official Delaware corporation records, Purple Bird Communications LLC was formed on May 31, 2022. The State of Delaware does not require corporations to list managing members/officers. The corporation was formed using a Delaware registered agent company.

State of Florida records do not show any corporation or foreign based corporation named Purple Bird Communications.

According to her official financial reports, on June 13, 2022, Hazelle Rogers paid $3,000 to Purple Bird Communications for “design campaign materials.”

Two weeks later, Hazelle Rogers gave $22,150 to Purple Bird Communications. This payment was made for “canvassing and designing.”

A $25,150 payday for less-than-one-month old Delaware company isn’t too shabby.

How did Hazelle Rogers find Purple Bird Communications, Inc?

Rogers did not respond to our request for comment.

But it wasn’t too hard.

The Hazelle Rogers financial reports list the address of Purple Bird Communications as P.O. Box 6083, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33310.

This is same address Rogers uses for her campaign office. The post office box address appears on her campaign website as well as her paperwork filed with the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office.

The same post office box is used as the mailing address for the new “Road To A Brighter Future” political committee. The street address for the committee is Rogers’ home address in Lauderdale Lakes.

Hazelle Rogers has a history of flouting elections laws.


The Florida Constitution requires all state legislators to live in the House or Senate district they represent.

In April 2013, this reporter revealed how Rogers claimed she was living in a small, older condominium within her district instead of the large home she owns with her husband. Just one problem, the Rogers’ home was outside her District.

In 2008, Rogers listed a Lauderdale Lakes house in District 94 as her official mailing address. The 2,184-square foot home is owned by Rogers and her husband, Clifton. Records from the Florida Division of Elections show the Rogers home is the current official address for Premier Group Enterprises, Inc. Documents filed on April 17, 2012 show Rogers and her husband are officers of the corporation.

In campaign documents filed with the State Division of Elections, Rogers now lists a small Lauderdale Lakes condominium in District 95 as her address.

When it comes to questionable expenditures, official financial records show Hazelle Rogers previously paid entities owned by family members with campaign funds.

Rogers’ 2020 Lauderdale Lakes campaign treasurer reports show she paid $1,000 to a corporation owned by her husband.

Does Hazelle Rogers or a family member operate Purple Bird Communications?

Why does Hazelle Rogers need a political committee? Why didn’t Rogers open the PAC in her own name?

What role is Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton playing in her campaign?

Democrats, Republicans and Independents deserve answers from Rogers before they vote in August, right?

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