Why Nick Sortal Deleted His Twitter Account-Reason #326

Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal wants residents to make him the next Mayor this November. But Nick Sortal doesn’t want Plantation voters to see his Twitter account. Earlier this week, Sortal disabled his account after REDBROWARD shared his embarrassing and inappropriate tweets. One “tone deaf” post referred to Jesus engaged in a sexual act with Mary Magdalene.

Luckily, incumbent Plantation Mayor Lynn Stoner doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Nick Sortal may have disabled/deleted his Twitter account, but we complied years of screenshots.

Here’s a Nick Sortal classic. He posted a picture of a model promoting a gambling casino show. Sortal said the picture depicts two of his favorite things:

Nick Sortal Loves Topless Women

Yep, Nick Sortal loves him some country music and topless women!

And Nick Sortal to be Mayor of Plantation?

Emperor Nick Sortal Has No Clothes

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