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Clothed Or Naked, Nick Sortal Unfit To Be Mayor Of Plantation

Nick Sortal posted this nude selfie on social media.

Judging by his words, deeds and photographs, Democrat Nick Sortal is unfit to be the next Mayor of Plantation. Before he deleted his Twitter account, Sortal proud displayed this nude photograph of himself. He deleted just a couple of months ago, not four years ago when first elected to the Plantation City Council.

Facebook tags the Sortal pic as inappropriate. So should Plantation voters.

Plantation Candidate Nick Sortal Runs And Hides From Tough Questions About His Inappropriate Behavior

Nick Sortal

Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal ran away multiple times from early voting at the West Regional Library when this reporter attempted to ask him about his inappropriate behavior. Sortal, an official with the Plantation Democratic Club, is running against popular incumbent Mayor Lynn Stoner. On Tuesday, REDBROWARD asked Sortal about numerous inappropriate sexual and racial remarks he made to female employees and reporters.

REDBROWARD wanted to know why Sortal asked a female reporter with the Sun-Sentinel about her sex life.

We asked Sortal why he talked about his penis with a City of Plantation employee.

We asked Sortal why he told a City of Plantation employee, “Oh Good, Plantation will never have a black mayor.”

Instead of answering questions, Sortal ran to his van and drove away. Several times.

How can Nick Sortal handle being a strong mayor if he cannot answer simple questions?

Simple answer, he cannot handle it. Nick Sortal is unfit to be Mayor of Plantation.