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Coming Soon: Who Is “Captain Dem” And Why Is He Funding The Plantation Democratic Ticket?

Who is “Capt Dem” and why is he funding the Democratic ticket in Plantation (Nick Sortal, Denise Horland, Louis Reinstein and Eric Anderson)?

Stay tuned.

Captain Dem

Sun-Sentinel: Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal Asked Female Reporter About Buying 535 Condoms, “I Know You Have A Lot Of Sex.”

Nick Sortal

On Friday, The Sun-Sentinel Editorial page dropped a bombshell on Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal. While explaining why they could not endorse their former colleague’s bid for mayor, the editors revealed a 2021 email exchange between Sortal and a female Sun-Sentinel reporter. The exchange was initiated by Nick Sortal.

From the Sun-Sentinel:

Sortal, 64, a former Sun Sentinel reporter and editor, last year emailed a former colleague at the paper and asked her how he could obtain 535 condoms, which an elderly Plantation constituent wanted to send to all 535 members of Congress in response to the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. In an email to the reporter, Sortal wrote: “I know you have a lot of sex.” The reporter told Sortal his words were “highly inappropriate. Don’t ever send an email like this to me again.”

—Sun-Sentinel editorial 10/14/22

On Tuesday, REDBROWARD reported how Sortal stunned a candidate forum audience with a sexual reference. Sortal told the audience, “I get off on it. I love it” in response to a question.

Earlier this year, REDBROWARD revealed Nick Sortal was the subject of an HR inquiry after he made inappropriate sexual and racial remarks to a city employee.

After filing paperwork to run against Mayor Lynn Stoner, Nick Sortal told the female employee, “My dick is hard for this!

Shocked by Sortal’s graphic comment, the female employee said he covered her face.

Sortal then asked her if anyone else filed paperwork to run for mayor. She told him yes. 

Sortal asked if the person was black. The employee, a person of color, said no.

Sortal said, “Oh good, Plantation will never have a black mayor.

Plantation cannot have a mayor who repeatedly makes inappropriate sexual remarks to the public.

Plantation cannot have a mayor to asks reporters about their sexual lifestyles.

Plantation cannot have a mayor who jokes about minorities seeking public office.

Nick Sortal is unfit for public office. He should resign immediately and end his campaign for Mayor of Plantation.