Let Them Eat Cake? Rebekah Jones Buying Dessert For Broward Democrats At Local Gala

Rebekah Jones

Banned from Twitter? Accused of stalking college student? Threatening to publish “revenge porn” to hurt former lover? Falsely accused FDLE of holding guns on children? Some folks may be wary of Rebekah Jones’ considerable baggage. But not the Broward Democratic Party.

Jones, a Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress is picking up the check for dessert at the Broward Dems Obama Roosevelt Dinner this Saturday night. Jones is running against Republican firebrand Matt Gaetz.

Other sponsors of the gala include Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congressman Ted Deutch, Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus McCormick, State Senator Jason Pizzo, State Senator Tina Polsky, the Broward Teachers Union Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony and Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried.

None of these sponsors care about stalking?

Do these sponsors really care about revenge porn?

Don’t these sponsors care if someone makes false accusations against our law enforcement officers?

Or, will they let anyone pay for the cake and crème brûlée just as long as they bash Matt Gaetz and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis?

All for a measly $1,000 bucks?

Shame on you.

2 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake? Rebekah Jones Buying Dessert For Broward Democrats At Local Gala

  1. boomerbabysage

    Actually, that “baggage” sounds like something that would, instead, make her a perfect candidate for the GOP ticket. Surprised she’s not joining the party of Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz, among others with that kind of track record. Heck, she might be perfect to join the ticket with “Just-Grab-Em-By-the-Pussy’ Trump. So, maybe you’re just more disappointed that she’s not a Redder but, instead, of a Bluer?

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    1. Scot Smith

      That conspiracy theory, which Jones alternately promoted and recanted on Twitter before her account was suspended for violating the platform’s terms of service, has persisted on social media for more than a year, despite the lack of evidence. The Florida Democrat who ran the state’s emergency response at the time bemoaned how Jones spread “disinformation.” Independent epidemiologists say the claim has no basis.

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