Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Yells At Deputies After Close Encounter With Local Activist; “I Am The Most Important Person” In Broward He Declares

Chris Nelson with two hard working members of the Broward Sheriffs Office (BSO)

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony flew into a closed door rage against his deputies at Wednesday’s special Broward County Commission meeting in Parkland following an attempted handshake from a local activist. Tony joined numerous elected officials and reporters for the swearing ceremony of new County Commissioners Torey Alston and Jared Moskowitz at Parkland City Hall. Chris Nelson, a local resident who gained notoriety for highlighting the hypocrisy of officials during the COVID-19 lockdown, also attended the ceremony.

On his Facebook page, Nelson shared photographs and video of his encounters with Broward’s elected elite. County Commissioners Mark Bogen, Tim Ryan and Jared Moskowitz posed with Nelson. But Nelson’s attempted interaction with the notoriously thin-skinned Sheriff Tony ended with BSO deputies getting yelled at by their boss.

According to a longtime BSO official, Sheriff Tony did not appreciated close contact with the Broward resident. The official told REDBROWARD that Tony took two deputies into a Parkland City Hall conference room and demanded they disable their body cameras.

Once inside the room, Tony excoriated the deputies for failing to keep a twenty-five foot buffer between himself and the public. Tony told his deputies he is “the most important person” in Broward County. Tony said punishment would result if they failed to maintain the buffer.

Video posted by Nelson after the ceremony shows Sheriff Tony gladly posing for pictures with everyone but Nelson. Also, the layout of city hall made any twenty-five foot buffer impractical. Deputies would need to keep Nelson or any member of public out of the public building when Tony was present.

More to come…

courtesy Chris Nelson

3 thoughts on “Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Yells At Deputies After Close Encounter With Local Activist; “I Am The Most Important Person” In Broward He Declares

  1. Therealtruth

    Everyone is in total shock how this Sheriff can still be in office doing these kind of things! He has numerous criminal charges pending which has been proven true by local papers. Deputies are not being proactive because they are in fear of being terminated like others were unjustly.


    1. Fuk Tony

      Red Broward is a bullshit news source. Nothing is gonna happen to this scumbag sheriff so stop posting bullshit articles are meaningless


  2. Therealtruth

    Patiently waiting for the “more to come”…. it was confirmed by the sun sentinel the criminal cases are active against the sheriff but why is it taking soo long? FDLE did most of the legwork.



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