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Broward Sheriff Doesn’t Care About BSO Fire Employees Not Paid “For Weeks” Following Changes to Payroll Department?

Last week, REDBROWARD reported how payroll issues resulted in employees of tbe Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) not getting paid. A high-level BSO source told REDBROWARD that Sheriff Gregory Tony (allegedly) proclaimed the employees could wait until the next pay period to get their full paychecks.

Now, an additional source confirms the payroll mishap involves numerous employees of the BSO Fire division. The source says employees have not been paid for “weeks.” The problem allegedly stems from Sheriff Gregory Tony’s consolidation of payroll departments at BSO. The diminished payroll department was not familiar with the processing of BSO Fire paychecks since they follow a regimen different from BSO deputies.

The problems remain and the notoriously thin-skinned Sheriff Gregory Tony appears in no hurry to fix it.

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Let Employees Go Unpaid After Payroll Mistake?

Is another union about to declare war on Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony? A high-level BSO source tells REDBROWARD that a recent payroll mishap left some employees without their normal paychecks. In the business world, when payroll mistakes happen, the company issues immediate replacement checks.

Not Greg Tony.

The source says Tony (allegedly) proclaimed the employees could wait until the next pay period to get their money.


The source says this is just the latest skirmish between Tony and a powerful BSO Union.

Expect the story to hit the funny pages soon.