BSO Deletes Offensive Video Of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony In Indian Costume, Adds “Go Noles!” To Description Of Other Photos

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

In the aftermath our original report and numerous negative comments, someone in control of the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Instagram account deleted a video of Sheriff Gregory Tony in an Indian costume. In the original video, a scowling Sheriff Tony wielded a tomahawk while wearing an Indian headdress. The video was accompanied by the theme to the 1978 horror film Halloween. The video and a screencap vanished without explanation from the official @bsosherifftony account.

A second post by Sheriff Tony’s Instagram account featured more pictures from the BSO Halloween party. According to the post, BSO staffers as well as members of the BSO public information office attended the party. The post said, “It’s important to take a moment and decompress with a little childhood remembrance of Halloween.”

Sheriff Tony was the only attendee dressed as an Indian.

The original post ended with, “Thank you to the Office of the Sheriff team for coordinating the event.”

Shortly thereafter, the Instagram post was edited. A new ending reads, “And yes, GO NOLES!”

In our original report, REDBROWARD mentioned Gregory Tony’s unremarkable stint as a walk-on player with the Florida State University (FSU) football team. The FSU students and student athletes are known as the Seminoles.

Is Sheriff Tony trying to say he dressed up as an Indian to honor FSU Seminoles or the Seminole Tribe Of Florida?

Any genuine FSU Seminole would know the headdress worn by Tony does not represent ones worn by actual Seminoles or FSU fans.

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