Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Dons Racially-Insensitive Halloween Costume

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

Holy Cultural Misappropriation Batman! An official Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) social media account features Sheriff Gregory Tony in a racially insensitive Halloween costume. In the photograph and video posted to his Instagram account, Sheriff Gregory Tony is wearing an Indian headdress while wielding a tomahawk. While Gregory Tony enjoyed a short, unremarkable stint with the Florida State Seminoles football team, there’s no evidence he enjoys any American Indian ancestors.

As one of the top Democrat elected officials in Broward County, Gregory Tony should be aware that cultural misappropriation is highly frowned upon in progesssive circles.

Hey, at least he’s wearing more than a Speedo!

***UPDATE*** BSO posted more pictures of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony dressed as an Indian at a Halloween party. Also, it appears someone at BSO blocked the RedBroward Instagram account.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

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