First Day Of Broward Early Voting Confirms Little Interest In Special Election To Replace Alcee Hastings, Even Worse In Palm Beach

The first day of early voting confirms residents in Broward and Palm Beach have little interest in the election to replace Alcee Hastings in the US Congress. The spending by numerous Democrat and Republican candidates seems to have little effect at the ballot box according to numbers just released by the Supervisor of Elections office. The official election day is November 2, 2021.

In Broward, Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott reports 12,411 mail in ballots received by his office. The number of Democrat mail in ballots is 10,933 while Republican voters returned 1,545 mail in ballots. Scott reports just 243 votes were cast Saturday at early voting locations across Broward.

The numbers were even worse in Palm Beach. Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link reports the receipt of just 7,177 mail in ballots. Democrats cast 5,541 votes while 1,541 Republicans returned mail in ballots.

A shocking 71 votes were cast at early voting in Palm Beach.

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Palm Beach numbers

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