Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness Hired Marlon Bolton Associate Anthony Bonamy As Aide After He Was Fired By The City of North Lauderdale

Dale Holness, on left.
Dale Holness & Tamarac Hall?

Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness hired Anthony Bonamy as his aide less than a month after he was fired by the City of North Lauderdale. Bonamy had been the deputy city clerk of North Lauderdale since December 2020. The North Lauderdale Commission fired Bonamy on April 13, 2021 after REDBROWARD revealed his role in the “Tamarac Post” website which supports Marlon Bolton, Elberg Mike Gelin and Dale Holness. While Bonamy’s role in political consulting caused concerned for North Lauderdale leaders, it did not stop Holness from using Broward taxpayer dollars to put Bonamy on the County payroll.

According to Broward County Commission visitor logs, Dale Holness met with Anthony Bonamy on May 5th to “discuss office details.” Two days later, Holness and Bonamy met again. At the second meeting, Holness and Bonamy discussed “future items.” On May 14, 2021 Bonamy met with Holness chief of staff Heidi Richards. The log indicated Bonamy provided “documents” to Richards. As of publication, Anthony Bonamy is listed as a Holness aide on the official Broward County Commission website.

Why is Dale Holness and his allies so eager to use taxpayer dollars to keep Anthony Bonamy employed?

Did Dale Holness instruct Bolton and North Lauderdale Commissioners Samson Borgelin and Regina Martin to get Bonamy the North Lauderdale deputy clerk position?

Now that he is a county employee, is Bonamy allowed to keep shilling for Dale Holness in the Tamarac Post?

Dale Holness and Anthony Bonamy

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  1. Magic Mike 🤣 says:

    Bonamy showing up to the Miramar Family Night last night and shilling for Holeness until Holeness himself showed up to join the “elected officials” on stage to make another boring speech. Clearly a sign that Hole was intends to break the law and abuse public resources to campaign for congress.


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