Tamarac Vice-Mayor’s Liaison Who Assisted Commissioner Marlon Bolton During Church Sermons Fired

Carl Williams, the community liaison for Tamarac Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos, was fired the same day REDBROWARD exposed his role in a political consulting company with ties to Commissioner Marlon Bolton. Not only is Carl Williams a Bolton appointee to the City parks & recreation committee, new videos show Williams assists Bolton during church services at a North Lauderdale church.

Last week, REDBROWARD revealed Villalobos paid nearly $17,000 dollars to Williams’ Mojo Global Holdings LLC for campaign work.

State of Florida business records list Carl Williams and the same P.O. Box 246164 address used by Mojo Global Holdings on the business records for New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida. While the post office box is listed as its mailing address, since 2017, corporate records show the principal address of New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida as 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale.

The same storefront at 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale has been the principal address for Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church since at least 2015. This church is owned by Marlon Bolton.

On April 12, 2019, Carl Williams created two political committees using the P.O. Box 246164 mailing address.

Williams formed the “Go Tamarac Go” and “Residents United PAC.”

Yesterday, REDBROWARD revealed these two committees as well as the “Broward Vision PAC” were funded in large part by Marlon Bolton donors.


On April 1st, REDBROWARD asked Vice-Mayor Elvin Villalobos about Carl Williams’ role in his office. In an email, Villalobos wrote, “Carl does not work for me and have known him for several years.” Villalobos changed his tune after REDBROWARD shared a city document showing Williams’ role as as a liaison.

Villalobos wrote, “Carl was let go yesterday morning (unrelated to your stories) 11:24am to be exact, prior to you asking me, liaisons work for the city not the commissioners, though they perform duties for the commissioners/mayor.”

Asked for the reason why Williams was “let go,” Villalobos wrote, “As to who I hire and fire: I expect more and more out of the people that I hire and that work for me, when those expectations are not met, there is a mutual disengagement and the relationship ends. I have no further comments.”


Promotional videos posted by Marlon Bolton’s Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church show Carl Williams is an active participant in church sermons. In one video, Williams touts youth programs in a testimonial advertisement. In a second video, Williams is spotted numerous times catching fainting women who have been “touched” by the Rev. Bolton. A maskless Bolton is shown face to face with churchgoers while laying his hands on their hands. Bolton sings and screams in their faces until they faint. Williams is there to prevent the faithful from injuring themselves.

How many members of the Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach church are employed by the City of Tamarac?

Did Marlon Bolton help Carl Williams get hired by the City of Tamarac?

Tamarac voters deserve answers, right?

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