FLORIDA FIRST: Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Vaccines Available To All Adults One Month Ahead Of Biden Administration Goal

Governor Ron DeSantis just announced that as of April 5th, all Floridians over the age of 18 will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. This will beat the Biden administration’s goal by thirty days. On Monday March 29, Floridians age 40 and older can receive the vaccines. These announcements prove once again that DeSantis’ “Florida First” program is the gold standard.

Here’s the announcement from Governor DeSantis:

Florida’s Seniors First vaccine strategy is paying off — more than 3.2 million seniors age 65 and older have received shots.  
We’ve been able to expand eligibility to those age 50 and above and we’ve seen additional success.
Now because of this success, I am pleased to announce additional vaccine eligibility expansions.  
While the Biden administration set a May 1st target date for vaccine eligibility for all adults, Florida is pleased to announce that all adults in the state age 18 and older will be eligible for the vaccine beginning Monday, April 5th.
And this coming Monday, March 29th, the age of eligibility for the vaccine will be reduced from 50 to 40. 
We have now vaccinated over 70% of the roughly 4.4 million seniors living in the state.
We have also made great progress on those age 60 to 64 and those age 50 and older. 
And we are ready to take this step.
If you look at the hospitalization and case rates for senior citizens, they have plummeted since the start of our Seniors First strategy. 
And we want to keep up that momentum as we expand eligibility to other age groups throughout the state of Florida. 
Florida continues to rank 41st in senior mortality per capita, with 40 states having higher mortality for COVID on a per capita basis than the state of Florida. 
We’ve stood up more than 100 county sites and state sites. We’ve also brought the vaccine directly to underserved communities.
We’ve partnered with pharmacy retailers to offer the vaccine. There are now 1,600 pharmacies located throughout the state of Florida offering COVID vaccines. 

730 Publix pharmacies. 
More than 150 CVS locations.
More than 125 Sam’s Club and Walmart locations.
More than 70 Winn-Dixie locations. 
And in the coming days, Walgreens will be expanding to more than 400 additional locations, bringing their total to more than 600 Walgreens pharmacy locations statewide. 
We’ve established a program for homebound seniors and have vaccinated more than 5,000 seniors, including holocaust survivors and World War II veterans.
We’ve held 71 faith-based events in 22 counties and have completed more than 73,000 vaccinations at those events. 
We’ve also held events at 31 senior communities across the state, which account for over 140,000 vaccinations.
We have made great progress and I look forward to continuing to work hard to make sure everyone in Florida who wants a shot, can get a shot.
No mandate, but access for all. 
God bless you and thank you very much. 

1 thought on “FLORIDA FIRST: Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Vaccines Available To All Adults One Month Ahead Of Biden Administration Goal

  1. evdebs

    DeSantis postponed taking positive action until the Spring Break Superspreader event had passed. In all the videos that I saw of it, hardly anyone wore a mask. Let me be clear. That does not affect only the knuckleheads who’d been listening to Agent Orange (who surreptitiously got shots for himself and his “I don’t care, do U” softcore porn companion), but all the people they will infect. They also become a potential breeding ground, ambulatory Petri dishes, for variants that vaccines may not protect us from.



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