Dean Trantalis Campaign Funds Keep Flowing To “Radical” Team Dale Holness Members

Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Dean Trantalis is still spending campaign funds on members of “Team Dale Holness.” The newest campaign treasurer report filed with the City Of Fort Lauderdale shows Trantalis’ mayoral campaign issued more payments to a marketing company owned by an official of the Palm Beach Democrat Party. The report shows Trantalis made two payments to Elijah Manley, a self-described “radical” candidate for the Broward County School Board.

The new treasurer report shows two payments to campaign “volunteer” Elijah Manley. On January 10, 2018, a payment of $292.50 was made to Manley. Two days later, Manley was arrested after running from Fort Lauderdale Police conducting an investigation into vandalism of campaign materials belonging to Vice Mayor Bruce Roberts. Trantalis faces Roberts in the March 13th runoff election for Mayor.

According to the police report, Manley fit the description given by an eyewitness. Manley was charged with resisting arrest without violence. In appearance on WPLG Local 10 This Week With Michael Putney, Trantalis was asked about Manley. He said he spoke to Manley on the phone. According to Trantalis, Manley said a police car was following him. Trantalis, an attorney, did not disclose his advice to Manley. But Trantalis said he could understand why a young black man would run from police.

After last week’s primary, Trantalis told a Sun-Sentinel reporter that Elijah Manley was no longer with the campaign. A review of campaign reports show Manley was the highest paid “volunteer” on the Trantalis campaign. For two weeks of volunteering, Manley received $742.50 from the Trantalis campaign.

As REDBROWARD reported, Elijah Manley has deep ties to controversial Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness. In addition to working on the Trantalis and Holness campaigns, Dale Holness has endorsed Manley’s bid for a seat on the Broward County School Board. Damara Holness, his daughter, is the campaign manager for Manley’s school board campaign.

A review of Federal campaign records show Dale Holness made at least two contributions to Elijah Manley’s 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign. Manley sought the Socialist and Green Party nominations for President.


The latest Trantalis campaign report shows three more payments to SA Nelson and Associates, a Palm Beach marketing firm owned by Palm Beach Democrat Party official Sophia A. Nelson. In less than one month, the Trantalis paid $9,435.25 to Nelson. Earlier this month, REDBROWARD reported ties between Team Holness and a pro-Dean Trantalis email sent to Broward voters. The email urged voters to support Dean Trantalis, Donna Guthrie, Steve Glassman and Warren Sturman. The email claimed voters, “need responsive, accessible leadership with the fortitude to make the tough choices.” Trantalis, Glassman and Sturman have advanced to the March elections.

The email lacked any proper disclaimer. It simply states it was sent from a marketing company in West Palm Beach. The company, FlyerSmith, has deep ties to Dale Holness.

Florida Business records show FlyerSmith is a fictitious name name tied to A Star For I, Inc. owned and operated by Omar M. Smith at 2930 Okeechobee Road in West Palm Beach. Records from 2016 show FlyerSmith performed campaign extensive work for Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Commenting to Sun-Sentinel reporter Brittany Wallman, Smith denied anyone asked him to send the endorsement email. Smith said he came up with the idea after reading emails from Fort Lauderdale candidates.

Throughout her ill-fated candidacy, Donna Guthrie was plagued with comical email blunders. First, supporters received an email alerting them it was election day. Just one problem, the email went out one week before the election. Then, supporters received emails after Guthrie lost the primary election.

This week, Guthrie told Wallman the embarrassing mistakes were the fault of her email vendor, Omar Smith of FlyerSmith.

Last month, A Better Florida For All, a political committee, hosted a fundraiser for Dean Trantalis. According to an announcement, the A Better Florida For All event was held at All Broward Realty in Plantation. State records show this company is owned by Dale Holness.

Florida Division Of Elections records show Sophia A. Nelson is the chairperson of the “A Better Florida For All” political committee. The address for this political committee is the same address found on the FlyerSmith email to Fort Lauderdale voters.

Division of Elections records show Omar Smith is the treasurer of the “A Better Florida For All” political committee.

Why is Dean Trantalis so interested in getting the support of Dale Holness?

Why is Dale Holness so interested in the City of Fort Lauderdale?

Do Fort Lauderdale voters want a Mayor beholden to Dale Holness?

Fort Lauderdale voters deserve answers before the March election.

9 thoughts on “Dean Trantalis Campaign Funds Keep Flowing To “Radical” Team Dale Holness Members

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    It is the nonsensical errors in the Guthrie materials that make me wonder what is going on. No wonder Robert McKinzie was the only candidate who won outright in the January Primary. But Ft Lauderdale Commissioner Trantalus n Lauderhill-based Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness seem to have rhe same anti-business stands except for FOREIGN BUSINESS WHICH IS WHY THEY TRAVEL SO MUCH OUT OF THE USA, yet NEVER accomplish ANYTHING ON THESE TRIPS.


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    Speaking of Comm.Trantalis.I asked Brittany Wallman who is covering the mayoral campaign for the Sun-Sentinel.Several of the residents contacted me in regards to Browardbeat Dec19.2012 article referring to Broward House and one of its empoyees Michael McGuigan.Who was involved in a alleged child molestation etc.It was reported that Trantalis was on the bd. at the time(correct) and in the Dec19.2012 article he was quoted such stated comments McGuigan not convicted(sic) and innocent to proven guilty(sic) and that parapharsing here no need for termination(wait).Subsequently after former county comm.Lois Wexler chimed in her regards to her disgust was finally then was McGuigan fired.So Ms.Wallman at my request(i sand bag no one) contacted Trantalis and he stated(verbatum) that he hardly would call it supporting McGuigan(walsh) and that went the alleged incidents involving McGuigan he (dean) iniated the bd(that he sat on) to remove McGuigan.So Trantalis stated in other words he knew nothing,nothing of the alleged child molestation etc.Come on now.What he stated innocent to proven guilty.No trial etc.So he would just say those statements out of the clear blue sky-huh.Bottom line he was advocating for the alleged diddler(sic) and is now using the old Broward beat story incomplete, to he hardly would call it supporting the alleged didler etc.Spin it Dean.Lesson learned i don.t want a mayor that condones.Sticks up for etc DIDDLERS..Again spin it all u want Dean.Once again my sources correct.Very sleazy..Shame on you.Bruce Roberts take note..


  3. City activist Robert Walsh

    In regards to my(& orhers) concern over Comm.Trantalis support etc. for an alleged child molestet(McGuigan) no police reports etc( so noted) in Fort lau.Have no fear my guy who the Grifters use to find and track people who owe them money(betting wagers – you wager and lose u pay) .This guy will get to rhe bottom of all this.Yes, he is that good.So stay tuned.He is better and bigger than the FBI.So this is not over.I don.t care some of you that Trantalis stated support for this guy.It goes to Trantalis moral compass.Also to note all parties concerned are so intimidated(afraid) by Trantalis that its shocking.From City, to top cop at the police station(shocked) to records debt. to reporters.I mean i have never seen anything like it.Not to worry advocates to rid fifth of child molesters( i could give a rats ass if no criminal conviction &your bs innocent to proven guilty) hang in there.I don.t need any of them.I am a one man show.So this is fine with me.Oh thank heaven for the “other society”. In that request was granted and immediately(10min call back- some of you take note) being looked into.What do the Grifters want in return?.Well think Snitch and how can they make contact( consider it done).So i don.t have more connections than Kissinger but i.ll take what i got.So disgusted over this one..Unreal…


  4. City activist Robert Walsh

    You all seem to forget there was a victim in all of this.There from my understanding the victim committed suicide.So much for innocent to proven guilty Dean.No records in Ft.lau than BSO has the findings i.ll get it.The grifters will get me who,what ,where etc.Meaning where does the diddler live,to work,relationships etc.Thats where they come in.


  5. City activist Robert Walsh

    Im getting calls in regards for my demand for Comm.Trantalis to explain himself in regards for h is support of the alleged diddler Mr.McGuigan.They state why am i trying to give him a hard time.Others state its a smear tactic.Nothing could be further from the truth.Weeks ago when it was brought to my attention in regards to not only Trantalis and his comments about McGuigan, but also Comm.Roberts and his support in favor of paying the former police chief bill if u will w/ the IRS.It was not a couple of hundred dollars but to the tune of 35k(astonishing).And befire the primary how Charlotte Rodstrom felt about costing the city over 200 thou for a special election that she caused.I asked the city reporter to ask all three of them their explanations.So there is no smear tactics going on.Legitimate concerns that the residents have every right to hear their answers.Also this McGuigan.Its very concerning.No thanks to the police dept( oh i.ll call u ) i have iniated to get the complete background and the victim who i hear committed suicide( you will be heard).When i get it then i will present to Comm.Trantalis.My guy(yes) will complete such stated task shortly.So i sand bag no one.I wanted Charlotte Rodstrom for mayor.I didn.t work out that way.Thats politics.So when i am in receipt full findings will be disclosed.Good day..


  6. City activist Robert Walsh

    Almost complete case file on McGuigan.This has been such a disgusting endeavor.I mean really sickening.From start to finish.Petitioning to speak w/ lead detective who investigated McGuigan etc.Dots connecting.Will find out in days if not hours where he is employed.Comm.Trantalis if i can establish you gave McGuigan a reference in regards to him seeking employment, than what you stated to Brittany Wallman in that you knew nothing about his past etc in reference to the alleged child molestation etc will establish that you lied.It will also establish that you supported a alleged child molester.I hope im wrong.Will see.Waiting on where he is presently employed.Tic.tock.tic.tock….


  7. City activist Robert Walsh

    Got to tell you with this diddler and Trantalis support of him.To the diddler father.I mean im not kidding.Its like generational molesters..Totally gross.Found out where Mcguigan works.Now finding out if Trantalis here gave him a reference to get the job.Some say who cares ? I say oh you bet its important.Trantalis states he knew nothing of McGuigan background etc.If Dean gave.him the personal reference proofs Dean was not honest when reporter confronted him.So i will publish where he currently lives.I will publish where he is employed.I will publish if any other minors are in his care.Then once this is said and done than i will present to trantalis and residents the complete file..


  8. Pat Smith

    Wow all that corruption going on
    Love to be inform about the truth.
    Yes its hard to say much when you see these pple in your local coffee shop or market. But what really happen in Lauderdale lakes commission seat.1 four pple was on that ballot.
    The lady that won is Marilyn Davis

    1 heard a lot of pple say they know nothing about her .the pple had to vote !!
    Is not that typical of how we get a position in city election.
    Just asking.



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