BREAKING NEWS: Elijah Manley, a Broward County School Board candidate, was arrested by Fort Lauderdale Police on Friday. Manley was charged with resisting arrest/obstructing officers without violence. Manley is being held at the main jail in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

A source in the legal community tells REDBROWARD Manley’s arrest is related to the upcoming Fort Lauderdale City Commission elections. A self-described “radical,” Manley is one of several Dale Holness operatives supporting the mayoral campaign of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Dean Trantalis.

Earlier this week, REDBROWARD revealed City of Fort Lauderdale campaign treasurer reports show Trantalis paid Elijah Manley for campaign work.


  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    I don.t feel sorry for him.The police gave him a command to stop,he ran.It was also alleged previous stay he matched a description of someone vandalizing Bruce Roberts signs.Let Dean bail him out.Lesson learned police tell you to stop,stop.They could have shot him..


    1. Maureen S Haley

      Conditioning has worked well on anyone believing it’s acceptable in detaining or being arrested for non violence. Constitution much? Any black man will do if a black man was accused of vandalizing. If one is not charged with a crime, they can not be detained and can run or walk away. Please don’t plant the seed that shooting someone for running is appropriate or justifiable.


  2. Betty nesbitt

    Commission is not the only one Elijah have Target he tired me on commission of Mackenzie campaign almost hit me Randy back of my truck here me some Odell holding his workers I was Target Target and it’s a shame that they have these people out here to hurt someone cuz I could have got hurt if I didn’t move out the way of my vehicle they could have ran me over I’m a victim of their Holiness and his employees for yes I am a victim and it said I was tortured and lied on call the police at my house and I lived it in the same house I’m in today hits they’re Dale holness this crew is working for Donna all of them is doing this tiger stuff is paying people to hurt other people who running illegal campaign and who working honestly


  3. City activist Robert Walsh

    Tearing other candidates signs is wrong and illegal.Catch them and you can have them arrested.Play fair.And this young man it was alleged you matched a description of someone vandalizing Bruce Roberts signs.The police didn.t iniate the investigation to stop him,rather a concerned citizen called it in.But this young man was afraid that is why he ran.BS….


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  5. City activist Robert Walsh

    Oh please.If not guilty why would run from the police on a public street.Not buying it.Lets be clear the police did not iniate the complaint/concern.Someone called the police that someone was vandalizing Bruce Roberts signs and with a description of the perpetrator.This young man fit the description.What the police picked him out because he works in Trantalis campaign as this young man indicates.Total BS.


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