What Was Rupert Tarsey’s Reaction To Hearing Victim’s Story? “I Was Laughing”

Last week, REDBROWARD reported on the statement of Dr. David Barcay at the 2010 Felony Plea and Sentence hearing for Rupert Ditsworth, a.k.a Rupert Tarsey. Ever since news of his 2007 arrest on attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges made international headlines, Tarsey and allies on the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) board have sought to minimize his legal troubles. In a laughable email to BREC members, Tarsey claimed he acted in self-defense when he hit 17 year old Elizabeth Barcay more than 40 times with a claw hammer. Tarsey’s allies have claimed his vicious attack was a “youthful indiscretion” or a mutual fight with a physically superior female.

At the 2010 hearing, Rupert Tarsey plead no contest to a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He sentence to six years of felony probation as well as a strict mental health/education program overseen by California officials and by a local counselor named Gary Gam.

Commonly known as a victim impact statement, Dr. Barcay, a well-respected ER doctor, spoke on behalf of his daughter. Dr. Barcay gave a chilling account of Tarsey’s attack. He spoke directly to Tarsey in front of the Judge and Prosecutors. Doubtful of his claims to not remember the attack, Dr. Barcay vowed to remind him of the grusome details. He blasted Tarsey for posing for pictures with fraternity brothers with paintball guns while his daughter suffered nightmares.

You can listen to Dr. Barcay’s words here.

So what did Rupert Tarsey think about the REDBROWARD report?

“I was laughing,” Tarsey told a Broward Republican.


In the conversation with his Republican ally, Tarsey attempted to undermine the credibility of Dr. Barcay. Tarsey told his friend that Barcay was not giving “testimony” trying to explain he was not under oath. He claimed REDBROWARD “added stuff” to the re-enactment of Dr. Barcay’s statement. (Compare it yourself.)

When asked “Was any of it true?” Tarsey told his friend, “To be prefectly honest, out of the six minute video, I [was] cracking up listening…that I didn’t really hear it all.” He continued:

But the basic answer is no. I believe she was on the track team in college. But no, she’s fine. She was fine after about two months. Two months, she made a full recovery. She was totally fine. She was at college at the time and so was I.

When asked about the steel rod in her leg, Rupert Tarsey told his friend:

No. She may have had a brace on the outside of her leg for a small period of time, but that’s not the same that was said. the woman herself testified under oath and that was much different than what was said (by her father). You have to understand, what was said (at the Felony Plea And Sentence Hearing) is not under oath and doesn’t have any bearing on that and there was a civil lawsuit later and they obviously want to drum it up for the civil suit, which I believe ended shortly after that.

However, according to the Judge and the parties at the Felony Plea Hearing, the civil lawsuit had already been settled. Patrick Smith, attorney for Rupert (Ditsworth) Tarsey directly addressed the matter at the hearing.

Judge Richard Kirschner stated, “It’s the Court’s understanding that restitution has been made.” Attorney Smith said, “Right. And that restitution has been made.” The Court was told there was a settlement for the victim’s medical bills.

California court records show the civil suit brought by the victim against Rupert Tarsey and his mother, was dismissed with prejudice on July 29, 2009. The Felony Plea and Sentencing hearing was held on May 4, 2010 nearly one year later.

Why was Rupert Tarsey trying to mislead his Republican ally?

After a creepy discussion about this reporter’s minor children, Tarsey told his friend how “pathetic” REDBROWARD was for providing the statement.

Tarsey told his friend:

Holy freaking shit [REDBROWARD] literally has time to sit there and make a re-enactment. I was pitying him. I was laughing. He’s not like some big time reporter…it’s pathetic.”

Instead of pitying this reporter, perhaps Rupert Tarsey should show some sympathy for Lizzie Barcay and her family, right?

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