Victim’s Father To Rupert Tarsey: You’re Still “Dangerous”

There is a concept I see at work here of ‘Hey, you’re guilty until you’re proven innocent,’ which is contrary to American jurisprudence.”— Richard DeNapoli on Rupert Tarsey

In his brazen bid to seize control of the Broward Republican Party, Rupert Tarsey and his allies have sought to minimize his brutal attempted murder of Elizabeth Barcay in 2007. Tarsey, then known by his real name—Rupert Ditsworth, savagely beat his female classmate with a claw hammer. Tarsey was charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

When news of his attack made headlines, Rupert Tarsey played the victim. He said he acted in self-defense. Tarsey said his female victim was bigger than him. His allies mocked the extent of Lizzie Barcay’s injuries by telling BREC members that she attended her prom after the attack. They fail to mention she came in a wheelchair. They desperately try to spin attempted murder as some sort of youthful indiscretion.

REDBROWARD obtained a transcript of Rupert Tarsey’s Felony Plea and Sentence hearing from May 2010. During the hearing, the Judge heard from Lizzie Barcay’s father, Dr. David Barcay, a well-respected ER doctor. Dr. Barcay spoke directly to Tarsey about the attack.

REDBROWARD presents this re-enactment of his statement.

Does this sound like a mutual physical confrontation or a youthful discretion?

Is this the behavior acceptable to Broward Republicans?

Who stands with Rupert Tarsey?

2 thoughts on “Victim’s Father To Rupert Tarsey: You’re Still “Dangerous”

  1. Steve Hyatt

    Rupert Ditsworth (I refuse to call him by his fraudulent name “Tarsey.” Ditsworth is the name of this criminal scumbag who savagely beat this defenseless young woman with a claw hammer 40 times). Unfortunately, I met this criminal a few months ago.

    This fraud came on the BREC a few months ago with a plan to serve as our Chairman. I believe no would have voted for this criminal had they known anything about his past.

    My close friend and superior candidate, Carlos Reyes, has decided to challenge Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Rupert Ditsworth told me a few months ago that he reviewed the numbers in the 23rd Congressional District and he determined that no Republican candidate could defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This losing attitude will spell doom for the BREC if we were ever foolish enough to elect this loser as our leader. Based on Ditsworth’s reasoning, we should disband the BREC based on the numbers in Broward County. You see Rupert Ditsworth is a political expert when he is not attacking young women with a claw hammer.

    Many BREC members have received a pathetic email from this criminal trying to justify his actions. He asserts a ridiculous and embarrassing defense of self defense in his intentional actions against young Lizzie Barclay. Part of the plea deal that reduced the attempted murder charge to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This guy, Ditsworth, tries to portray himself as this sweet and non violent person when in actuality, he is a brutal criminal thug whose family money bought himself out of a long prison sentence for destroying a young woman’s life. You can now imagine how the Democrats are excited about the plan of Richard DeNapoli to install this loser as the Chairman of the BREC.

    Bob Sutton is not a perfect leader. No BREC leader has been in the history of the BREC. There exists no valid reason to remove him. The latest motion to remove him was filed by a new member of less than a few months. The motion is filled with intentional misinformation about how BREC members feel about their Chairman. This new member, Michael Kane, doesn’t know Bob Sutton; doesn’t know the history of the BREC; and doesn’t know any of us. He is simply a puppet for the real power behind this ridiculous and baseless motion to remove our duly elected BREC Chairman.

    I urge my fellow BREC to listen to the evidence and not to the self serving statements of the criminal, Rupert Ditsworth, and his backers and excuse makers. Vote to Keep Bob Sutton.


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