BREC MOTION MADNESS: 20 Year Old Member Admits He Knows Nothing About Broward, Serves With Rupert Tarsey On Another Board

In a telephone interview with REDBROWARD, Michael J. Kane, a 2o year old who joined the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) in August, admitted his motion to remove Chairman Robert Sutton was based on rumors he heard from members of the board and disgruntled former members. Kane made his motion to remove Sutton at Rupert Tarsey’s illegal meeting on September 25, 2017 in Plantation. Even though he had been a member for less than a month, Kane recited a littany of issues to the 70 or so members who attended the gathering at Deicke Auditorium.

In his motion, Michael J. Kane claimed he “knew” Chairman Sutton since the 2016 election. When asked to be more specific, Kane told REDBROWARD he did not “know” Sutton but he probably met him “one or two times.” In an email sent to select BREC members, Kane signed his motion as “former RPOF staffer.”

A high-level Republican Party of Florida official said Kane was never an RPOF staffer. The source said Kane was a field operative during the 2016 election. Kane admitted his was not a staffer and said he was not trying to mislead BREC members. “I was still paid,” Kane said.

Kane’s motion accuses Chairman Sutton of not making palm cards available during early voting. He said, “We did not have voter cards at the early voting sites….” When told there were BREC voting cards distributed at early voting, Kane admitted he never visited a single early voting location in Broward County. He spent the time knocking on doors in Palm Beach County.

When asked who told him about the voter cards, robocalls and mailers, Kane revealed his source for this information was Dolly Rump, the disgruntled former BREC secretary. According to sources, Ms. Rump, formerly a local operative for the Trump campaign, was overwhelmed with the basic duties of the secretary position. She resigned her position after she had teamed up with State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli to interfere with the BREC membership process.

Kane said BREC treasurer Kevin Moot revealed financial information to him about the recent Reagan Day Dinner. Kane said Moot was the source of his claim that the BREC treasurer and secretary had been “defamed.” Kane said he knew Kevin Moot through their membership in the Catholic Knights of Columbus group.

Michael Kane said he met Rupert Tarsey through the Knights of Columbus Council at St. Anthony’s Church in Fort Lauderdale. Kane said he serves as the financial secretary for the group under the leadership of the Grand Knight, Rupert Tarsey. Sources say Tarsey long-planned to fill BREC with Knights of Columbus members in the hopes they would elect him Chairman.

In his motion, Kane repeated the dubious claim that 70% of BREC Club presidents supported Sutton’s removal. When asked to name the clubs, Kane admitted he was unable to do so. Kane also admitted he did not know any of the Club presidents. “I might have met the Coral Springs guy at Wings Plus,” Kane said.

When asked who told him that 70% of club presidents did not support Sutton, Kane said, “Rupert Tarsey.”


On Thursday, BREC members received letters mailed by Michael Kane. The letter announces another meeting at Deicke Auditorium regarding the removal of Chairman Sutton. The letter for the October 11th meeting is postmarked October 3, 2017, giving members just eight days notice.

The postmark shows the letters were mailed from West Palm Beach. Kane said he moved from Boca Raton to Coral Springs last year, even though he attended high school and college in Palm Beach.

At the end of the letter, Kane wrote, “There will be light Cuban food as well as a presentation after the meeting?” Does Kane think BREC members can be lured to a meeting with free food? True he’s only been a member for one month, but trading food for votes is a Democrat tactic not a Republican one.

Couldn’t Team Tarsey find a front man for their shenanigans that actually knew about Broward and BREC? No offense to young Mr. Kane, but he comes off as Tarsey’s Sgt Schultz–“I know NOTHING!”

Who is paying for the food? What is this mysterious post-meeting presentation? Why do these kids think they can control the Broward Republican Party? When will Kevin Moot, Dolly Rump and Richard DeNapoli start doing their own dirty work?

Rupert Tarsey and Kevin Moot did not respond to requests for comment.


Kevin Moot sent the following message to REDBROWARD:

I don’t know what your source is that Michael Kane has made these assertions. Often, facts can get miscommunicated through gossip.

Here’s what I know. I never spoke with Micheal Kane regarding what was raised at Lincoln Day. I wrote an email to the board with the total door receipts and invoices. I cautioned the board that the totals were preliminary, because I had not (and still have not) received all of the invoices. I have also subsequently received one additional sponsorship check that Bob Sutton gave me–I deposited it immediately and notified the entire board.

I have never claimed to have been ‘defamed’ by Bob

A Sutton, though I do take issue with any claim that Sutton hasn’t been afforded access to the bank account. I’ve talked this over with Sutton subsequently at Reagan Day. I did not consult with or speak with Michael Kane regarding his motion, or regarding my working relationship with Sutton. The first I heard Kane’s motion was the night he read it aloud at Deicke Auditorium. The first I read it was when it was sent to BREC membership via email.

I did meet Michael Kane at a KoC event. I simply shook his hand and said hello. The next time I saw him was when he was being read onto BREC, and I exchanged pleasantries again, as I recognized him.”

Michael J. Kane

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